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The Peugeot 3008 DKR Maxi, is designed with the chassis, which serves as a backbone and support for everything. Very elegant and comfortable.


Its installation of the electrical system and the electronic architecture, with its wiring and its corresponding control units.


The suspension, with dampers of enormous distance to be able to overcome almost any obstacle.




Hunter: @rosario23

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Youldn's have said it better Rosario. This is a bloody beast. Great hunto!

remember to hunt really your best finds on the web, we want the site to be fully of quality awesome products that people will love!

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SUper awesome hunt! I usually think of having a car which is something like a monster truck but this changed my mind. Congrats!

For such catagory i didn't see a peugeot car before and I must say that they did an awesome job with it. Design can get 10/10 from me and I like its wheels very much. It must be really powerful. Nice to see such hunt on this platform. Thanks

the grip of the car Tyre is looking so strong and the design of this car is heart touching and people loves this type of car and I want to drive this car one time in a life.

Very wild design. Thanks to desert races famous brands developed their vehicles in all terrain category which ends with cool designs like this one. The end user always happy with this cause when we buy a vehicle we want it to useful in every condition. In the past 4x4 vehicles would not be used in urban areas much but now they became a common concept. Good hunt!

I am a fan of cars, this car has everything I want strength, beauty, comfort, hardness. good hunting

The outside resembles a bull. great car with very strong suspension and dampers.Control with electricity. I like the wheel and rim design. Great hunt.

Wow I use Peugeot 308 in my real life too but mine is doesnt look like that :D thats awesome mate probably best car design I ve ever seen

Peugeot is always in my top 5 with its models. Peugeot 3008 Dkr is a real beast with its design. Thanks for sharing.

have a nice hunt @rosario23 I love this car it is very Beautiful; and looking cool. What is the PRice of this car?

Very good design and more useful car. We can dirive the car on the way and in the desert. for the safari. Thanks for sharing. Good product.

I watched a few video about this beast and the maneuvers are amazing on the sand. Only the front design self is great enough and if you look to complete design its really awesome. Its power makes it a beast :) Thanks for the share


  • Looks like a off-roading car
  • Cons:

  • Its Rwd just like the stock 308
  • Are you crazy of car and you love the off road. Check the peugeot-3008-dkr. It is very good for the off road because this car will be going to everywhere. Thanks for sharing.

    Perfect hunt my friend!This monster car is can go anywhere.Keep good hunting!

    Incredible all-terrain vehicle, very elegant and with a unique maneuvering structure. Great hunting.

    It has a solid chassis. and full electrical supply. It can be comfortable in all roads. with high suspensions. comfortable car. It is the best PEUGEOT 3008 DKR. Perfect hunt.

    NYC Hunt @rosario23. This is the best car for desert. Thank you for the sharing. I wait for your next cool hunt.

    It is a must-have vehicle for driving in dense mountains and deserts. Just look at the design and show me you'll get through the difficulties. It feels like a bmw x6, but I want to buy one if I have money.

    It looks like a beast indeed. High performance and more suitable for off road driving. I sure off road lovers will be delighted to test this beast.
    Good hunt

    I look this car. Offers great features. This is fast and clever. Attractive design and well specifications.
    Great hunt.
    Keep it up like that

    awesome hunt

    This is really a beast ,can overcome any obstacle and can be driven in any condition or environment

    best wishes

    Wow!! This car really is the BEAST!!
    I love everything about this car, especially the design! AWESOME!!

    Perfect Designing, Stylish body, Excellent road grip with wider wheel base. Spacious interiors, Superior ground Clearance. Will be successful from the day its launched.

    Its fluent running even in dust and everywhere and also its superb design makes it unique. I love it and its must be a win. Keep it up

    Very beautiful and stylish car of its own kind. I love its design. Please keep sharing great stuff.

    PEUGEOT 3008 is looking so cool and also versatile. It the car which can be adjusted in any situation. Awesome hunt

    Outstanding style and very advanced features. Best hunt and well deserve in top 10. Keep hunting

    Excellent hunt. Its wonderful design of racing jeep.
    Thanks for sharing

    Good hunt

    Excellent design, very style.very string body.good speed


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    I could see myself driving this with my 3 sons. Would be a blast 🙌🏻