C-RESEARCHER 2 - 500 - Two - person submersible for exploration

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Two - person submersible for exploration



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The C-Investigator 2 - 500 is a submarine equipped with the most high-tech accessories. It submerges up to 500 meters.


This submarine has a capacity for 2 people, you can sail for 18 hours.


The C-Investigator 2 - 500, provides security and comfort, for an incredible ride.





Hunter: @rosario23


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I like the world under water and It would be great to have experience with C-Researcher 2-500. Perfect hunt.

I saw similar thing just in the movies and it was great to see it. Now its on the market and maybe you can rent it to travel in the sea. It has 18 hours travel possibility which gives you enough time to discover sea life. It must be great to be with someone and talk about things in it. Thanks for sharing.

Who doesn't want to use it once? I love it and I would definetaly want to try it. I tried to diving several times and it was also amaeing but you can not ask somthing or talk so in this one you can do anything and ask questions. It gives also security against to dangerous things in the sea. Great hunt thanks for it.

Making a tour with it must be amazing in the sea. You can see every beauty of it. It is also secure. Many people are scared of diving because its not easy to breath with diving equipment so they can travel with it easily. Great innovation. Thanks.

Awesome hunt ! Your hunt is now verified.

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Amazing that it submerges down 500 meters.
And can stay down for 18 hours.

Great Post 😆

A perfect underwater vehicle that can be used for tour. Seeing the wonderful creations down there is treasure. Great hunt 👍


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