Very Important Puppets - presidents on scales

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Very Important Puppets

presidents on scales



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Very Important Puppets are pre-set toys on scales so you can have fun sending voice notes, you can order your food or play tricks on your friends. respond to voice command, give the time, the results of the sport and weather report among others you can do all these commands through the application that you can download to your mobile phone ..

Interaction between puppets and puppets: the puppets can also interact with each other, indefinitely, in a conversation similar to ping pong, exchanging comments, questions and insults. Get two or more puppets together to start a group conversation and just listen to them discuss.



Hunter: @rosario23

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  • The toys seem fun to play with because of its features and unique design.

  • It has a lot of features it can do like music, alarms, voice messages and many more that owners can fully enjoy.


  • Nothing for this.

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