NUU Game Zoom GZ1 - Wireless charging,Bluetooth speaker, Game control all-in-one

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NUU Game Zoom GZ1

Wireless charging,Bluetooth speaker, Game control all-in-one



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Game Zoom The GZ1 is a great phone stand with wireless charging for your phone, a great-sounding speaker and game control for professional gamers. Especially this product is great for those who like to play games on their smart phones

  • Game Zoom GZ1 is designed to provide mobile gamers an ultimate gaming environment in a limited activity space.
  • Bluetooth and NFC: Built-in Bluetooth and NFC provide easy connection and rapid launching of games.
  • Non-stop playing: GZ1 provides both 5V 2A wired charging, as well as a 10W wireless charging of efficiency up to 80%, to avoid gamers suffering from running out of battery.
  • The controller: The joystick controller helps gamers manage each of the characters and perform functions in their games with no difficulty.



Hunter: @rtonline

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Great Hunt! It is an awesome product that has many features like all in one like wireless charging and Bluetooth speaker and much more. Thanks for sharing a great hunt good luck with your hunt

A phone start that charges phone wirelessly is a good tool for phones. It also dubbed as game control tool with good speaker. Gamers should find this useful.

Having all these features working in synergy ensures the perfect gaming experience. Complete absorbing and immersive gaming it will be. Great

I think this seems also good for just a normal bluetooth speaker usage :) Looks so sleek and cool look.

Awesome hunt ! Your hunt is now verified.

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Wooden enclosure is the unique feature for this all in one gaming technology because wood reacts minimal sounds vibration, the joystick gamepad is always the best also because this gamepad can let you manage or let you perform properly in the game like the old days. Congratulations!

Three in one. I love the see new products. The new product give me the idea for the other things. I am thinking now they will do better than this console. Nuu is one of this product.

Game, charge and music, indispensables of our lives. They took this three thing in one place. You can charging, listen the music and play the game. It is very good.

NUU Game Zoom GZ1 small console. This console has two speaker and wireless charging. It has one joystick as well you can play game. You can contact with the bluetooth. It is very nice.


  1. Witless charging
  2. Bluetooth speakers.
  3. Good sound quality.
  4. Stylish look.
    Great hunt

It would be fun to have a Battleground with this.

The product itself looks great but my concern is with so many features, the phone probably going to overheat or it comes with a cooling mechanism?

Nice Hunt


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