MIRO - Marine Intelligence Robot - Fish Robot

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Marine Intelligence Robot - Fish Robot



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Hunter's comment

Miro is an artificial intelligence fish robot, Marine Intelligence Robot. Which swims like real fish. It can detect obstacles and avoid while swimming. Customizable into many types of different fish skins, I can be equipped with a camera to record while it swims.

This can be controlled with a mobile, tab or with RF for different depths. It can travel 30 cm/ sec in automatic mode when it is in manual mode it can swim at the speed of 60 cm/ sec.
One time charge can run this fish for 10 hrs. It can swim up, down, forward, left and right. It will be a companion with a camera with divers, can explore underwater, can swim along the real fish and study about them, it can be used for fun and decoration too.




Hunter: @sabari18


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This is cool. A robot fish aquarium is probably much easier to maintain than a regular fish aquarium. No poop, no food, no death. Nice hunt @sabari18

LOL..you are right. Aquarium with AI fishes. thank you

Great Hunt brother @sabari18
Miro, marine intelligent robot for exploring under water. Detect obstacle, swim speed 60cm/s, 10 hours of battery life in single charge.

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thank you mod

When it comes to exploration of the aquatic world drones are actually the best. This is a very reliable product that you shared here. Really impressive

I watched the videos and I would like to have miro for fun. I would like to spend time with it under water. Great hunt.

MIRO is a Marine Intelligence Robot Fish. But it is very Intelligent and easily detected many things. It swim at the speed of 60 cm/ sec when manual and also able to run for 10 hrs just one charge. Amazing hunt.

Wow! MIRO is an incredibly realistic, rare and futuristic underwater robot fish! I love its design and also its multiple purposes, can be used as a fun and distracting toy or be used to study marine species!💓🐟 Cool hunt, congrats😉👏

thank you for your nice review. good day @jenina619

The fish robot broke the robot's prejudices.
It is an artistic robot, not a rough one.

thank you @kanade1025, this one is very realistic in movement and useful.

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