Salto - Wall-jumping robot

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Wall-jumping robot



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We saw many robots. This one is unique. This guy is a jumper, wall jumper or obstacles jumper.
Salto is a jumping robot
SALTATORIAL (latin word for Leaping is saltus)
Salto is a free jump robot which need not winding or any other process for one jump to next jump. This one leg robot can jump precisely to the target. This can jump on the wall and jump to the second jump. Watch the video below.

The galago animal is the inspiration for Salto.

weighs 100 grams,26 centimeters tall when fully extended, and can jump up to one meter. maximum jump height was roughly 1.008 meters. For the wall jump, Salto attained an average height gain of approximately 1.21 meters.
This robot will be useful in many situations in future.



Hunter: @sabari18

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It's a jumping robot. It's a robot made from animal movements that looks simple. This is an early version and seems less mature, but if they continue to develop their skills, they will be able to move on from various terrain without falling or bumping.

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thank you mod

i watched the video and one thing i know I know is that this robot will be surely worked on and more addition will be added, If i may ask, how do we get it?

i just want to leave my comment for this interesting product that can drag my attention. When i click Salto, i saw your name. LOL, finally you got the very very very great hunt today, and the best news is : Salto doesn't have a creepy face.

Sorry i am not giving upvote coz it's not my job to curate the highest rank, but the undervalued one.

Robot lover!!! :robot::robot::robot:
But, :joy: i never see something like this before. If i can, i will give you my 100% support :thumbsup:

Other than jumping, is there any feature for this product/robot?

cool and great features of this product:

  • free jump robots that don't need to be winding.
  • One foot robot.
    • can jump right to the target.
  • can jump on the wall and jump to the second jump.

@sabari you are really awesome dear...what a gadget I can believe this..its really awesome dear. I like so much. thanka.for sharing. keep it up.dear..

I have always been attracted to the robots, and this one seems fantastic to me, their way of jumping seems great, I would love to have one and have a lot of fun with the great hunt.

Pretty impressive but I think they could do much better. Soon I think we'll be seeing them jump 10 meters high. It's interesting they're trying to develop the robot to have Parkour like skills.

Well this looks like a cool little gadget! Nice hunt @sabari18. It would be cool to watch in live in action hopping around a room. It would be cool to let a cat chase it around a room :)

Most lovable Salto

What a very jumping robot it is ! It can jump with its one leg anywhere on walls and obstacles that is awesome. Its design is like a alien also.If it will be available in the market i will purchase it very soon.Thanks for sharing this jumping hunt!

Awesome hunt! best of luck

This is an admitted fact that technology is surpassing the heights. So is the case with this lovely as well as funny jumping robot. Quite intresting features make it a more worthy among other robots.

Lovely Hunt ♡

Wall-jumping robot, is it really? The robot's movements looks like that of an animal. Super cool product!

Great invention with one leg it hits the target with no extra winding etc. Technology is going up day by day and this is really a betterment for mankind. Great work

Aw what fun and so compact! The noise cricket came to mind ... why? I don't know...............

Great hunt

very amazing robot
I just saw a robot that can jump like this animal.

Hi, @ sabari18, super hunting.
This robot is an attempt to copy the Galago animal jumping that accumulates enormous energy in the tetons to achieve the greatest jump.
Consequently, Robot Salto was developed.
One of the possible uses is jumping through the ruins of a building in search of survivors.
This is a potentially very useful robot.

"Salto" is a great addition in the field of robotic technology with wonderful features. This Wall-jumping robot with one leg is amazing to jump precisely to the target. very useful to trained animals with its help. Video clip is best for better understanding. well effort @sabari18

Excellent hunt! This one is the best and really a unique Robot for jumping to jump on the wall or any other obstacle with a light weight design and simple. Thanks for sharing with us good luck with your hunt Keep hunting on

A cool robot, it has potential to have spiderman abilities.
In the future, if they can make this robot a bit bigger and jumping more higher, I think this robot will be useful to save people on a tall building or deliver food(or something) to other people by jumping from building to building.

A one leg robot that jumps? This would be fun to test some obstacles. The jumping precision matters though as this would make the reality of the robot more interesting and one to buy.

Is there a product link page ? The link that is provided is taking to a story about the robot. Not sure, how it met the guidelines.
Coming to the product, its certainly unique and looks like an alien, however, I could not get info on whether we can buy it or not, and if we can then from where.

Great hunt and good invention in the field of robots. Its really a unique robot that can jump. It will be a useful tool for the people. I like its working mechanism.

Honestly this galago animal is really new to me and then the fact that the robot would solve different situations, if I may ask what kind?

It's a cool product

Very innovative little jumping-robot. It first looked to me like a toy for kidz but this little robot could also be used for other great applications.
Unfortunately the link doesn't work? Good Hunt!!!

This surprises me! To actually see a robot that can jump this way is amazing. I watched the video and with it I can say that this is a good product

Great hunt.
Robotics are advancing with an ever increasing pace...Every day we see a new robot with astonishing capabilities.

Among all the jumping robots this takes all the prize, this fantasy is very dynamic and impressive. great hunting

This is really cool and smart robot that is very useful and best for many situations. It has the ability of jumping without winding. This one leg robot can jump on the wall and can jump up to one meter.
Super cool Hunt!

This are some crazy moves. Very impresive design. Lightweith and very flexible :)


Awesome Hunt @sabari18

That Salto is awesome-performing multiple jump after nanoseconds and defying the gravity. I think the best use of this robots can be done in search and rescue missions during disastrous and natural calamities activitites. Also the robot is very much lightweight-only 100 grams in weight. Amazing robot!!


wow ... this looks really cool, a robot that is so amazing, this is a new breakthrough for brilliant technology creators. This is the first time we see a robot that can jump freely like a living creature.

What a unique robot. It's not every day we come across a jumping robot. I like how this technology is being developed to be used for rescue missions in the future. Nice find!

great product the robots are one of the things that in some future will be everywhere and that one can see and use the operation of one of these is great

@sabari18, cool hunt. This one is not like any other robots but this one actually jumps. Great hunt.

Wow that robot fantastco that only jumps with only one leg and can stay in the adhered wall. Great hunting.

Salto is an advanced technology jumping robot. The features of Rob are really very advanced and beautiful. It can be used in many areas of daily life. Many beautiful Hunter.

wonderful (1).gif
e61ff317a5 (1).png




  • It walks/jump independently.

  • It can be used as an aid in the construction companies.

Thanks for posting on the steemhunt. Keep up with your wonderful hunt.

I watched the video and it is an amazing technology. As you said, we see so many robots but Salto is the most skilled one. Perfect hunt.

It may have a bit of a bad image as a design, but it's a robot with great features. It has small size. I watched the video, they have created a very successful product.

There are a lot of similar robots. But the robot that can jump on the wall is very amazing. It replicatea the salto properties and make it useful.

This rebot made to copy the jumping quality of Galago. It is useful to cross the wall etc.

Cool hunt.

Stay blessed and keep it up

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Excellent hunt it's a great hunt. I am seeing first time the robot which can jump over the wall.

Nice hunt brother.. amazing technology robot jumping and salto.. very good hunt

Cool, so cool

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This looks cool, the engineering in these kind of robots amazes me. Nice hunt!

It's like a frog! :D

nice hunt.

woow, excellent robot is very cool and the different uses are great to overcome big obstacles, great collaboration. thanks for sharing


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