Credendly - Protect your digital identity

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Protect your digital identity



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Hello Hunters!

Protecting data when you are online is much necessary to avoid any unpleasant happening in future. Users mostly use same credentials over many websites this can be dangerous. The solution lies in Credendly.

The average person has same user accounts over hundreds of websites. When one is compromised, all are🚨. Although it is not recommended 🔓. Credendly makes it easy to check your accounts fast and safely on various popular services.


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Digital protection is becoming a growing concern day by day and I think, apps like this would succeed.

People are particularly careless with their accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges. That means when one exchange is hacked, all their coins on all exchanges are vulnerable. Be careful out there.

You said very true protecting data online is really necessary

looks great tool for protecting your digital identity,
Nice hunting

Nice tool to safeguard digital identify and keeping it secure

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