SCRIIN WiFi - End Screen Time Conflicts at Home

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End Screen Time Conflicts at Home


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Now this is the time we have to do smomething with our kids. They are addicted with devices and if we still do nothing then their future could be very dark. Here is a device named SCRIIN WiFi. It will definitely help you in this regard:

Manages your family’s devices and disconnects automatically when you’ve been sitting still too long.


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I can see kids getting really pissed off with these :)

It's for their own good but still the withdrawal symptoms from the tech gadgets are real and intense :)

i have passed this but can you fix the spelling mistakes in the body text (smomething)


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No doubt! I agreed with the concept they have been taken behind this creative SCRIN. Today's kids are habitual of such electronic devices especially tablet and mobiles. They used to play games.

Even I noticed that mothers give them such devices to play with it so that the baby can never be disturbed. This is total negligence of the mothers who feed them like this. This hunt may help those people who really want to stop from such behaviors and save their kids.

Nice Hunting!

Manages your family’s devices and disconnects automatically when you’ve been sitting still too long.

well this is so cool BTW like i guess the best thing to monitor children and yep we all are very addicted to our devices but obvious i won't allow anyone to monitor my device and disconnect it automatically if I've been using my gadgets since long. SCRIIN is surely a great idea to manage your children device it would recommend to this all parents. we are learning a lot about new techs and gadgets on this platform so sure it will help us in future

There is an easy way out of this. I binge watch Netflix on my laptop first, then tablet and then mobile. Also what if i am doing some important project work or studying? I understand that it is programmable and i can turn on wifi for longer when working on something important but this doesn't sound like a brilliant idea. Also may just be expensive than a standard router.

Anyway, it is still a nice find and practical for many i think. Should sell well.

How about the price of this product??

Screen time must be limited and specially for kids, it's important to keep parenting guidelines in view. A great hunt for parents.

I must confess, am really pleased with what am seeing here. If this kind of technology was available during my youth age, I believe this addictiveness to phone could have been reduced. What I really love about this is that it will really help to ensure that children doesn't their time well. No more excessive gaming and co. Am so glad coming across this hunt, parent will now have rest of mind, at least the technology will do the monitoring it self.

Funny but true, We are now in a world where kids prefer operating devices than to read their books and not just kids even adult do the same, thanks for this awesome hunt at least it will save our kids from total addiction....

When the Internet is used well, people play a role in achieving more information and success. But it can ruin both addiction and success and order in our lives. That's why adults use the Internet in a useful way, who knows how and with timing; children overuse in internet use. Parents with this device will take control of the connections

We need to leave this addiction for a time and should start making family timings and gatherings where we need to switch off all the connectivity to give protection to our relationships this addiction of wifi - internet is breaking lots of sensitive relations ...

this device will help people to maintain their timings especially children who are using 24 hours everyday killing their eyesight as well as making their body dull ...

we need to add physical working like gaming ( football, cricket ) which makes person fit rather than scrolling on Facebook timelines ....

A very impressive hunt friend keep on hunting these healthy products 😊 upvoted 😊

I completely love this
These days, kids spend lots of time on the screen, chatting and laughing away and it can be quite difficult to tell them to stop.
This will definitely help control all of that, automatically disconnecting the device when one's been on it for way too long.

I don't quite understand what this does or how it works. It might have been good to include a little more of a description. If it works the way I think it does though, that is really interesting and I think it might be a good idea. In the end though, there is nothing that is better than teaching self control and discipline. I frequently have teachers asking me if I can block certain websites that students are visiting because it keeps them off task. In my opinion that isn't really technology issue, it is a classroom discipline issue. Blocking a site isn't going to keep them on task, they will just find something else to do off task. Similar to this. They will probably just fine another way around it. Teaching them the importance of why they need to disconnect is much better.

Does it mean this product will automatically lock TV screen without even using a remote or what?

This is a great to help parent curtail the screen time of the children and as well as parent, this will help the addicted one's, the operation of the app looks flawless.

This is how it works:

  1. Give your child (and yourself) a daily budget of screen time.
  1. Enable the device in the SCRIIN App
  1. Get notifications before screen time is up
    The SCRIIN App will notify your child when their screen time is coming to an end and finally shut down access to the Internet.

It's true that kids are addicted to gadgets and devices and its not good for their eye site as well. Now is the time to work on it and make some distance from devices. This is quite good hunt.

Smart devices has magnetic attraction in them and that has made modern human alienated. It's important that we define our line of action for future generation so that they don't start becoming machines. This is a cool hunt.

Too much screen time is not only a sign of addiction but also bad for health specially for eyes of kids. I'm a big fan of such devices as technologically man is now capable of doing a lot of things good for humans.

SCRIIN WiFi, all devices are managed through the SCRIIN app and every individual have its own daily budget of total screen time.

Such devices are now available in market. This is really a great work in this stage. Kids should not be addicted in any case so practical ideas like that should be welcomed. I am very very thankful to see this wonderful idea in a reasonable pricing. Solid find.

Excess of anything is not good for us and in the same way addiction to smartphone and gadgets is not good. We must be disciplined in the use of phones. Specially for kids this is going to be very useful. Great hunt.


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