Sensy Wallet - The world's first heat-sensitive wallet

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Sensy Wallet

The world's first heat-sensitive wallet



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One of it's own kind wallet with tremendous features. Undoubtedly makes it a unique stuff:

Incredible but true, after a long period of research and many tests. We have succeeded in developing a thermo-reactive fabric. Black most of the time, as soon as the temperature reaches 31°C it turns white.


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It's interesting that the color of the fibers can change as the temperature rises and falls. I think it will be fun because I can infer the temperature by looking at the color of the product. I think this is a good idea product.

That's an interesting idea. The color of my wallet can change depending on the temperature! It's like watching a chameleon. I think it's like carrying two wallets with one. In summer, I can carry a white wallet and black one with me in other seasons. It's really cool. I really like it. Thank you for sharing!


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What about in the water? just curious, anyways, how much is the price for this wallet for a heat sensitive one? Well, i like the wallet itself and want to buy this one if it is affordable and available on our country.

WONDERFUL! Finally,a wallet came into the market which has used thermo reactive fabric. I am amazed that this wallet can change its color and heat-sensitive. It would be worth of money when you take one for you.

Nice Hunting!

wallet which is made by thermo-reactive fabric very nice i actually seeing this for the very first time OMG i guess all the guys should take this one @aamirijaz @burlarj @rehan12 common boys let me gift you this wallet😂. This is so cool just see when the temperature at 30+ it turns into white nice

The wallet is not my concern, why are you tagging jax before tagging me 😼

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I just love this wallet, it is surely a great invention, keeping this in your pocket gives you a cool feeling ;) You can show off in front of your friends too. I would love to by this.

Seems like a cool piece but apart from showmanship I don't see any other use.

But it would be awesome to have this wallet in my pocket yet.
Nice hunt.

I like this. I often sit for long hours on my ass and the friction and the pressure between my ass and chair leads to heat generation. Passing hot air at continuous intervals can further heat things up. Wallet gets destroyed. I need something like this, that can withstand the torturous heat.

You need to wear shalwar kameez (kurta) instead of wearing jeans and having a wllet like this. 😀

Haha.. not allowed at work, else i would wear kurta pajama more often

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Very Nice wallet. It has a unique ability to change color itself. In both season it will be usable. Many peoples will have to use this wallet in daily life. I really like this wallet btw.

I don't see the point of this. But that's probably the whole point of it all. Some tings needs to be done for the sake of coolness. €23 isn't a huge amount and you are at least going to have an idea about the temperature of the environment and the way it reacts to touch is super awesome

Take a look at that and look me in the eye and tell me you won't love it. It's a great wallet to carry to impress and you can carry 8 cards in it. Cool Hunt!!

What a interesting and excellent innovation ins the shape of "Sensy Wallet" I heard first time about this magical wallet which changes its color with temperature and also useful with other features. Wonderful fabric used which give reaction by touching with fingers. Really extraordinary product i have seen. nice hunting.


It is unique and I would love to own such wallet.
Can You tell me where I can buy it and How much it costs?

What kind of technology involved? Is it only material chratristics invloved in? But look cool when it turn hot, it becomes white.
But but but.... you can notbsave your money even in this wallet. You have to spend your money if you are with your wife in shopping mall. 😀

@shaanivc wow, what a cool hunt. First time I hear of a sensitive thermal wallet where it has the right thermo reactive fabric to react. This is great for security and convenient for us to use when traveling around. Good hunt. Must get.

Designed with an innovative fabric, waterproof feature and the most important heat-based color change feature is one of the most different features of normal wallets. At the same time, a poor quality wallet breaks your cards or tears or tears your money. Both quality and fashion are designed in the most appropriate way to get this wallet.

Price : 19 Euro

I like the way of idea. It is important to keep wallet secure and heat proof. It uses to save the many. And i should be keep safer for money. This is One of it's own kind wallet with tremendous features. Undoubtedly makes it a unique stuff. Great hunt.

I think we needed such innovation and I have observed sometimes specially in summer time the heat of our wallet become high and it is also close to our skin as well. This wallet keep layers cool even in Hot weather that makes sense.
What about its Price @shaanivc?
Thank You and Have a Good daY !

Hey @shaanivc Indeed a great hunt by you. I liked this wallet with tremendous features like thermo-reactive fabric. I think its nice way to find whether temp is below 31 degree or not. Innovative hunt.

ok that's really cool tbh and seems like time to get one lol. Liked the way it is and could also use it a magic to show my colleagues jk Nice hunt

@shaanivc hello dear friend, congratulations for the excellent find. This product is great and deserves to make it known and what better than our platform to do it. Every day that passes I am surprised at the inventions that arise. That you can see change the color of your wallet with the temperature is incredible
Excellent hunting
I wish you a great day

Very innovative and unique wallet. I think it's of its kind and the makers of it kept in view the impact of heat on colors. This is indeed a brilliant product. Well done @shaanivc.

That's a great idea to design a wallet that have capacity to sense the heat. It's an importanot design idea appreciatable. This is cool when the temp rater reaches at above 30 it turns into white. Cool. We are on the platform introducing products which are helpful for the community. Great community. Great hunting

This seems amazing
A wallet that changes colour as the temperature changes.
This let's you know what the temperature is at.

Amazing. If it can protect the owners money from being destroyed by heat, then this is the real deal. People should never lose their money to fire if they have this wallet.

Occasionally I was surprised, I saw the incredible invention of technology, and really sometimes it makes our live more enjoyable.
And truly today you present another unique and excellent gadget and by using this we can easily know the temperature position. GREAT HUNT

I never heard before and even never thought that this is possible but technology is always beyond our imagination and that's the best part of it. This is superb idea and creative too.
Hey @shaanivc very good hunt by you. Congratulations.

So the Sensy Wallet is made out of a thermo-reactive fabric, under normal temperatures you carry a black wallet but as temperature rises it turns white, at 31 it should be fully white, not sure of it's uses but perhaps as a indicator of rising temperature or incase your device is heating up your wallet will indicate it's danger, perhaps in hotter countries this will fascinate people enough to buy.

I have the same question as a lot of the other comments here. I am not quite sure I understand the point of this. I think it is cool. It reminds me of the old Hypercolor shirts back in the day where people would walk around with handprints all over them. I don't quite understand why you would need this tough. Maybe so you know ahead of time if your bills are going to be all wet and nasty? Nice hunt none the less...

my opinions are same as other all have that we all were waiting for such wallet, i would like to save all money

Yes! That Sensy Wallet is the world's first heat-sensitive wallet. I've never see a wallet like this which turn into white reaching at 30°c. The idea is super cool to cool a wallet. You can save money from heating. But not form spending.

but why?.. but again.. why not? 😂
yeah this is cool take my money 💸

When I saw the title of the post my first thought was why on earth would anyone need a heat sensitive wallet?! I've read the product description and it has some valid points, the product is interesting, innovative, however, it's not likely that I would buy one. However, nice hunt.

Amazing !!! A heat reactive wallet? Wonder will never stop. But I hope that the temperature change will not let the wallet breakdown one day?.

it is really wonderfull wallet. i love black one

But why this, is it necessary

It's cool tho and I think I need it

Coo! A wallet that changes its color when it is exposed to heat. I guess, soon someone will design shirts and pants using the same material too. It'll be awesome to show it and make your friends jealous of you. LOL.

Really cool hunt with great technology that easy to use.
Suefull hununt keep it upp..


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