The gentleman's gaming machine - A gaming PC of it's own kind

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The gentleman's gaming machine

A gaming PC of it's own kind



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In this advanced world now technology is at it's peak. Every day we see various stuff invented by engineers, makers. So today I am surprised to see this incredible stuff which is named The gentleman's gaming machine. It is made by a young man who always creates machines in his home and hand made casing. This is really a great invention specially for professionals because it's pricing is not for common ones:

An elegant, powerful, compact and silent PC, with a 3D-printed chassis and a hand-made wooden hull.



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Soon we will have Ideahunt and we will be able to support similar projects on it instead of Kickstarter.

That would be great for this platform and for hunters as well.

An example of technology being as good as it is going to be, this machine must be more suited to those who love to play games and it can be used very easily and without much trouble can be seen so much time that we have trouble with Rome so this new technology Will use

The price might look big, but I have seen some gaming laptop costing far way than that. Funny enough, they are not even custom made.

To enjoy gaming these days, we need get our hands on the best gaming laptop out there. The only problem is that they are just too cost for the ordinary man. I have long hope for a gaming laptop, how I wish someday I will own one.

I just hope this gaming laptop leaves up to expectation @shaanivc

Same here. I think smart trading is the only way to get rich in short time. I wish you could get a gaming laptop soon and your dream come true.

A machine created solely for Gaming Purpose is extremely expensive, and I never can imagine myself paying that sum of money to buy it. To own such powerful beautifully custom made machine will be a dream come true. The price is relatively cheaper too, compare to other ready made machines in the market.

A custom made PC with a custom made price. This is the ultimate machine as you can specify exactly what you want. I had a machine custom built for me many years ago, but never had a special case made. I think this service may become more popular in the future as more and more people will need a specialist computer for gaming and dealing with their crypto. I know I am considering having two now and having just one for Steem and crypto trading.

Awesome Hunt!
Well, I love playing Games but My Laptop doesn't support high end games on high settings. I want to buy this Machine but sadly the price is not appreciable but it is a powerful and able to give us the best gaming performance.
Thank You and Have a Good dAy...

with worth 3061$? Yeah it is really full pack gaming pc that is really suitable for the gamer. But with that price I prefer gaming pc that is not too much in price. But damn I really like it and I want it if I have just a money that can buy anything :joy:

This is a really neat gaming pc, compact and small yet powerful enough to play high end games!!

Great Hunt! For gaming, We need a powerful PC to play the games without lagging or any other issue i think this gentleman gaming machine will be the best solution nice find

Now this is worth a look or two. great hunt!


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Oh wow! this is the ultimate gaming machine for those with deep pockets! with a 3D printed chasis , hand made its pretty awesome indeed and something im going to check out further! Upped 100% this very cool. hunt!👍🎮🎮

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