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Blockchain Lottery



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Slotto is the lottery platform developed on Blockchain Steem. You can receive tickets that are verified and unchanged. Slotto is above all else, decentralized and can hardly be destroyed. Anyone can buy tickets with Steem.

To use this tool every 5 minutes you will generate 3 random numbers and will be recorded on the blockchain steem. If you have a suitable ticket, you will be the winner. You will receive a gift that will be sent automatically.

This tool also has an open source, you can see the github repo here.



Hunter: @shaphir

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Slotto this is really cool to hear about. This will serve as a means of earning on the Steem platform and a means of fun to participate in

I just wonder how the system selects winning numbers? It's OK if it's really random.
Just wanted to give it a try with two tickets! Wish me luck! :)

lotto tickets.png

Thanks for sharing this hunt @shaphir

Hi @curtaintwitcher, after generating the ticket, you must buy it with 0.1 Steem. Then, you will be login with stemmconnect to confirm your steemit account so that the purchase is confirmed.

Forr more details informations you can see the instructions on the github repo contained in the body of my post :)

Thank you @shaphir, I've bought 2 tickets after reading your post and here is the result:

My ticket: 21,17,08
Wining numbers: 17,08,01

So close! :(

so close.png

Haha hope you are lucky the next time :p

Great Hunt!


Seems to be a cool and fully transparent lottery. Like with "normal lotto" we do not really need to talk about the mathematics behind it since it always will be a loss in the long run. But if you keep that aside and you are looking to gamble a bit this is the tool to do so. A ticket is just 0,1 STEEM and the prize currently is 107 STEEM. Would really like they adding some prices for hitting only 2 numbers though!

Keep on the good work!

Thank you man :)

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A provably fair Steem blockchain based lottery where the 'bank' takes a 1% processing fee as opposed to about 50% taxes charged by state gambling regulators. May be worth a spin when you feel the 'flutter'. PSA: Gambling can become addictive.

A great hunt. I will try to get token. And will use this blockchain feature.


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