Pix Backpack - The first customizable LED backpack that displays images

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Pix Backpack

The first customizable LED backpack that displays images



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pix mini animated backpack gives your child a good start in life. The pix mini animated backpack. This fun access kit is a customizable school backpack with an led screen that will brighten your child's memories. OF all things related to learning it can be controlled through the use of a smartphone application. That lets you draw and edit images of your child's favorite cartoon characters on the backpack. The screen also gives you the opportunity to create and take part in games. That boosts your child's intelligence and ability toreasonall. this while helping you keep track of your child's every move with its unique geolocation feature aside from learning and fun this amazing the backpack also. keeps your child safe by clearly displaying a stop sign on your child's back. Which comes in handy in preventing road traffic accident sit weighs only 800 grams has a capacity of 15 liters. It's temperature and water-resistant you can purchase these backpack discounted prices from 129 us dollar




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