Wow, it looks cool.


  • customize lamps which we can draw on it
  • offers various color for markers
  • affordable price compare to it's value


  • none for this hunt

Thanks for your hunt.

Pros :

  • It can also a fun way of drawing or writing anything and turn it into a lamp
  • It has a more advancement in LED technology that can truly create a truly magical lamp
  • You can easily wipe it with paper towel or any cleaning glass solution
  • Can be good to improve your art skills and make it a frame too
  • It has a more brighter light than a 25 watt bulb
  • It stands very neatly and hides the cords at the back
  • You can either put it in portrait mode or landscape mode

Cons :

  • Wonderful product. No cons on this.

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  • First ever lamp that turns your drawing into light
  • It is custimizable
  • There is a set of colored markers
  • You can draw ideas and light it up so therefore you can also enhance your creativity


  • The product cost. It is quite expensive

Pros: This product enters the "WOW" category in my mind. It's like a magic that turns our drawing into the light. I will have one as soon as I have money to buy it.
Cons: None. It's really special and SUPER Product.


  • new technology
  • niche market
  • many colors
  • good for your creativity
  • simple, modern design


  • the price is too high

New technology on the market. Great new gadget but too expensive from my point.

nice product in milenial era
agree with @seckorama the price is to high

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Finally. Something that everyone in the fam can use.

Wow!! An amazing lamp!!

Pros :

good design
low power consumption

Cons :

No cons for this product

I want this! Truly cool...


  • You no longer need to buy art work, you can just draw your own on it.
  • It could be used for decoration purposes at home.
  • It's a novel technology.
  • Fun for the kids I am sure they won't be able to get enough of it.
  • Its a really cool lamp.
  • Nice and simple product design.
  • The price is a bit pricey.
    Nice hunt!..keep the hunt on... till the next hunt. ✌

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(이미지는 킥 스타터 사이트에서 가져온 것이다)


  • Definitely perfect for artists who want to bring their masterpieces to life by incorporating lights on it
  • New in the market. This is best for creating customized designs for establishments or even at home
  • Designs or drawings can be erased or changed depending on the user's preference


  • It would be better to save drawing templates so you wont have to draw your favorite artworks all the time

Really love this one! As an artist, I am willing to pay the price for this awesome innovation

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Pros :

  • it's the first ever lamp where you can draw on it
    -All colors can be lit on the lamp
    -it's a way of showing creativeness with your customized lamp

Cons :

No cons on this product.