1R at Probit Sold Out within 11 second - 2R Begins MAR 23, 1PM (KST)

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Today, we started our 2nd IEO via Probit Exchange. Because of the bear market, we actually didn’t expect much of the sales demand, so we set the 1R sales for 3,025,000 HUNT (worth $60,500).

And then, this happened…

hunt-ieo-probit-2 copy.jpg

It sold out WITHIN 11 SECONDS!! We thought at first this was a bug or some system error, but it was true that the 1R amount has been sold out for 11 seconds. Apparently total of 13 investors clicked the purchase button far more quickly than others :)

As you remember, our first round via IDCM also achieved over 100% within 3 mins, and this 11-second-sold-out proves that the external investors see Steemhunt and Steem DApps highly promising.

So, we discussed with Probit, and decided to run the 2R sales tomorrow as below:

  • March 23rd, 2019, 1PM (KST)

We don’t like FOMO much, but please prepare in advance to sign-up the exchange website and complete KYC so that you won’t miss our sales again if you have a plan to participate in our IEO :)

2R Sales via Probit Exchange

Plus, our IEOs for the external investors are definitely bringing so many traffics to Steemhunt.com. Today, our DAU has reached over 30K!!



<3 steemhunt!

Shows how much value Steemhunt will bring to any exchange that lists Hunt tokens. There is going to be a lot of demand from more than 13 people.

@fruitdaddy you are always right nice

Good and true

I want to see steemhunt succeed but I am really wondering, if steem is struggling to retain users how isthis token needed? I mean come on, you guys cant even speak english correctly on your posts and you think youre in a place to sell a token? I duno... i guess if peopel ahve money to waste...

honestly steemhunt seems like a gREAT project but a token? nah you dont need one... it is just dishonest and you are just trying to make some quick money, so maybe ill join you and make my own unnecessary website based on steem and then pay for bid bot upvotes to promote it to front page of steemit

maybe Ill just call it ackza gold like @neoxian and just iossue 10 of them and allow peopel to redeem one to meet me in person like John Mcafee

@ackza you don't understand any of the use cases for Hunt tokens? Also, bro look how shit your spelling is.

Im Pushing you to provide some use cases on the fly, like you will need to in teh real world... if you cant handle ackza asking the tough questionbs then how you gonna handle the EThtrader trolls ort th Bitcoin Maximalists of r/bitcoin?

One day theres gonna be an explosion of non steemians flooding steem when SMT and second layer solutions allow all sorts of reddit posts to be reposted into steem and youll see instagram and other social media posts, just the top ones, being flooded into steem and youll see BOTS used to repost Human replies back and forth from and to steem and to and form reddit for example, and theyll deliver any steem upvotes to the reddit user with a Tip Bot style message with a PM with a code to redeem etc etc
so youll need to be able to argue with people

im just like gokus gravity machine trainer lin Dragoin Ball Z , im trying to get uou used to increased trolling levels to keep you on your toes and make sure you can fight the elite level internet trolls who will be Aksing you WHY this token is needed?

Because when you only see them focus on the Token and not the prodyuct its scarey, they nee dto be humbl3ed

@ackza there are loads of use cases for Hunt tokens. Brands will buy up hunt tokens simply to hire hunters to review their products on reviewhunt. Hunters will be able to get awesome discounts on tech for making reviews. Ideahunt will be a crowd funding platform like kickstarter with NFT's. Hunters will need Hunt tokens to invest in those NFT's.

Brands will buy up hunt tokens simply to hire hunters to review their products on reviewhunt

i dunno about that, nothing guarantees "brands" will buy some random non smt token

what blockchain does steemhunt token run on? Because it is certainly not Steem

Sorry buddy, you've been scammed

I know there is demand.

Steemhunt runs on Steem. I think you may have confused the token and the app here.

Don’t you think that’s required knowledge before you are capable to throw terms like you’ve been scammed around? Oh wait... this is the post-fact era.

PS: Does a token being the much unicorn SMT guarantee anything? Sorry buddy, you’ve been scammed if you believe that.

What’s the most profitable dApp to delegate my 16,000 SP to at this moment?

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delegate to @postpromoter not a dapp

with around 5k SP I get around 1 Steem and 0.3 SBD a day so you shouldget almost 3 steem and 1 sbd dont quote me tho

Wow 11 seconds that's quick!!!

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This is quite massive but I think there is a need to put a cap on the maximum token a single user can buy so as to guard against market manipulations by few hunt whales that might emerge.

there is no such thing as market manipulation, manipulation is just buying and selling. sometimes you need whales, do you expect there to be a 1 per person sale? You expect tokens to be divided evenly? no never

Exactly my thought. Was wondering how this will not lead to massive manipulation in the long run. I think IEOs needs wide distribution

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There must be 13 very Happy hunters, whoever they are :)

11 seconds...i'm not surprised given the hype surrounding it

What hype???? What evidence do we even have that people are even excited for steem hunt? The only reason this post is popular is because we have bid bots that allow people top buy upvotes...

Honestly I feel bad for the peopel who acrtually spent money on a fucking random token like this, when steem itself isnt even ready for investors and users, how teh hell ius steem hunt ever gonna work out?

sorry but you steem hunt people are just obsessed with making money with an ICO, i bet that 60K will be spent on crap you dont need, this is silly

steem hunt token? Really? You all need to bust buy Steem not random tokens

im sorry but who teh fuck is gonban use steemhunt if we dont even have people using steem?

im sorry but this is gfetting rediculous,

look at all the typos in this post

Plus, our IEOs for the external investors are definitely bringing so many traffics to Steemhunt.com


YES I CANT WAIt to invest in a token made by people who dont even speak english correctly...... yeah

Absolutely amazing ... But it's simply the result of Steemhunt's solidity ... !!!
No doubts...
Forward and Thousand Congratulations ...!

11 seconds and 13 investors. WOW! Nice funding round!

11 seconds? That’s beyond impressive! It’s jaw dropping!

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Awesome! Hunt tokens will be hot!

Pretty fast!
I wish you all the best!

podrías explicar mas explicita mente

Wow this goes up up up...

Its a very nice article:)
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I'm Feeling like a HUNTinaire Right Now, Thank You @steemhunt

Wow i think it wont be enough for tomorrow as well cuz so many people want to buy :)

@lordbutterfly I guess you missed it again lol

There will be two more. I couldnt get my steem out of the savings fast enough.
The ieo start was at 4 am and i would have gotten my steem at 8 am. Lol.

Decided to go for the next one after i power down a bit.

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Ah... the 3rd's a charm.

What can I say, many congratulations!

Congratulations 🍾

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Eso es sorprendente,pero demuestra la calidad de lo que posees,espero tengas éxito!

Eso es sorprendente,pero demuestra la calidad de lo que posees,espero tengas éxito!

Boom 💥

This is massive @steemhunt

It’s a vehement signal that the world is waiting on you! The future is bright for our lovely HUNT token!

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11 seconds!! let's try to break the record again in second round. good luck.

Amazing and Lovely

Nice bump in DAO :D

Also, are you guys planning to use steem-engine in any way?

They will probably just wait out for SMT...

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Holy shit!

Very impressive!

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My dear you mean over 11 second high demand,I be the next to be counted in the among investors since we have high demand then there should be increased in produce

hunt token is showing up a great future value.

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Thats a big big Success for steemhunt.
First 3 minutes and now 11 second.
Hunt is awesome.

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I was watching live and I also thought that is some kind of glitch. I wasn't sure but I mentioned in my post that it was sold in less than a minute.
I wonder what will be the price of HUNT token on the exchange after this.

That's a really good start up

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That is unheard of. Big ups to that chain

really amazing Post......

Guaooo es super rapido

how many hunts do you got from airdrop??

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First time seeing this. Is this one of the cryto currency too?

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That was crazy, gonna visit probit now. It's look a decent exchange!

He is Making real money shit dude

Great success to see that outside investors like your project.
I hope this bee money will boost your development of the Steemhunt platform.

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