Daily Top 10 Hunts on Steemhunt (18 Aug 2018)

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Hello hunters!

Yesterday, there were 165 products, and $594.47 SBD hunter’s rewards were generated.

Top 10 Hunts on 18 Aug 2018

Take a look at the top 10 hunted products yesterday for your daily dose of inspiration 😎

1. Pavegen V3

Blockchain-Connected Kinetic Energy Roads!

@dayleeo · 136 votes and 63 comments
HUNT Score: 291.26 (Pending payout: $9.39 SBD)

2. Kanova

A simple, easy to use, VR enabled, 3D sculpting application

@ememovic · 121 votes and 33 comments
HUNT Score: 250.79 (Pending payout: $13.37 SBD)

3. Stella Vie

The Most Efficient Solar-Powered Family Car Ever Built

@alikoc07 · 108 votes and 33 comments
HUNT Score: 234.91 (Pending payout: $6.12 SBD)

4. Hoverglide

A floating backpack to reduce your burden feeling

@kona · 119 votes and 65 comments
HUNT Score: 207.74 (Pending payout: $10.99 SBD)

5. Mercedes-Benz Vision Van

Cargo delivery van, automated through drones

@lobinia · 95 votes and 27 comments
HUNT Score: 198.74 (Pending payout: $9.04 SBD)

6. Trezor

Designed with wood, leather and technology

@jalonedem · 78 votes and 22 comments
HUNT Score: 160.37 (Pending payout: $6.54 SBD)

7. Sphericam 2

The 4K 360º Video Camera For VR

@carlos3332018 · 76 votes and 25 comments
HUNT Score: 153.11 (Pending payout: $6.57 SBD)

8. Tecbasics MailBox

Mail Backup Unit

@whoseyourdaddy · 83 votes and 11 comments
HUNT Score: 145.0 (Pending payout: $2.31 SBD)

9. Third Thumb

You can easy to work from Third Thumb

@sweetguy · 65 votes and 21 comments
HUNT Score: 144.48 (Pending payout: $3.26 SBD)

10. Scarabane

Foldable Camper Caravan with Solar and Wind as Energy Power

@dwiitavita · 63 votes and 23 comments
HUNT Score: 142.0 (Pending payout: $6.51 SBD)



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So Many Great Products and @steemhunt is the one of the Most successful features of Steemit. I love Steemhunt.

@steemhunt excellent hunting selection of the day,
It is incredible to see all the very useful products that there are and one does not know
thank you very much for giving me to know all these products
I wish the whole team a good weekend

wow..I am blown away by the quality of curation ..easy 50% of the posts are stuff I checked out...