HUNT Token IEO Live on IDCM and Probit Exchange

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Today, we finally announce that the HUNT token, one of the SMT (Smart Media Token) candidates, will debut on the global exchange market and create market value. We are thrilled to introduce our upcoming IEOs (Initial Exchange Offerings) via IDCM and Probit exchange.

HUNT Token IEO begins

As we announced last week, we will run the IEOs via four global exchanges, and list the HUNT token. Even though the SMT is not live yet, HUNT token is trying to create the pre-market cap and token economics in advance.

Our IEOs will begin on March 14, 2019, and run for one month via four different exchanges, one at a time. After finishing the IEOs, HUNT token will be listed on the exchanges where we run the token sale, based on the mutual agreement. Today, we finally confirmed the first two IEOs with IDCM and Probit Exchange, and another two exchanges will be disclosed as soon as we make the agreement.

First IEO - IDCM, the top 20th Global Exchange


Our first IEO will be initiated via IDCM (International Digital Currency Markets) Korea from March 14th to 18th, 2019. IDCM is a global-leading digital asset exchange platform whose 24h volume is ranked in the top 20 based on CoinMarketCap (as of today, by adjusted volume).

Screenshot 2019-03-07 14.52.21.png

Since the IEO market in South Korea is the most active nowadays, we’ve decided to run the IEO via the IDCM Korea branch, and the token can be listed in the global platform after its agreed.

Second IEO - Probit, an exchange supporting STEEM based IEO


Our next IEO will be run via Probit Exchange from March 19th to 22nd, 2019. Probit has many of its own investors who have made a lot of IEO success records. Some of them even achieved their goals within two minutes.

Screenshot 2019-03-07 19.40.27.png

Probit also has a top development team and its own wallet solution, so they will accept STEEM to purchase HUNT tokens during the IEO. As far as we know, HUNT will be the first token that accepts STEEM for IEO.

In addition, Probit (@probit) will provide a promising referral program for all IEO participants. If you refer others to participate in the IEO via Probit, you will gain 1% of the amount that your friend purchased as a bonus. More details about this referral program will be announced soon.

Sales pages of each exchange with more detailed information will be revealed in a few days.

Next IEOs and Market Listing

As we mentioned above, we will be finalising two more IEO deals between now and April, and both exchanges are highly renowned in South Korea. After we finish all IEOs, we will proceed the market listing step by step based on our market valuation strategy. We believe that this initiative will be able to create positive momentum for all SMT candidates and increase the STEEM token presence. So, please support our journey.

IEO Details

Total Token Supply500,000,000 HUNT
Total Sales Allocation50,000,000 HUNT (10% of total tokens)
IEO Round1st Round) 14-18 MAR at IDCM
2nd Round) 19-22 MAR at Probit
3rd & 4th Round) To be updated
Sales Price0.02 USD per token
Hard Cap1,000,000 USD


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Can't wait to buy a couple more Hunt for my portfolio.

I know that hunt token really have a great future in the market especially by the time IEO's ends. This is a good news.

One of the most exciting periods of a platform developement has started for Steemhunt team & community. Congrats! SH for this next step.

That is great news! Excellent work Team SH!

great to back a winning project! :)

Great progress team steemhunt

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Let the hunt begin

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nice ! another great step for steem. thx for venturing into the uncharted area and light path for others

🚀 🌕

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Resteemed this article. Thank you for supporting Steem community.

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Good work!!!

Great, Many project that offer IEO Today. Gonna take a look now!

Will Daybit still be involved as well or will it be limited to these two? Thanks for the update!

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Yes of course. We have not finalised the details and the agreement yet with them, so I'm not able to disclose officially about them yet. It will be announced very soon. Thanks for your question :)

Flawless i must say
Nice work team

the crypto are the future ... you work for the future ... thanks for the work you do day by day for the community

Great work, team!

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Oky thanks good job

very good😃

Good project

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Good news for everybody. Thanks for this post.

Awesome, I hope there woukd be

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Great 👍🏼 initiative @SteemHunt
Appreciate how you are adding value to the #SteemHunt community.
Upvoted & Resteemed.
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Hi @steemhunt, it's amazing buddy,superb 👌
Good job 😇 keep it up 💕

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It's really awesome for us as steemhunt community. Thank you team, you make it real

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This is a very commendable team, SH's future trends.

Wow so excited for it though i am just having around 1500 hunt tokens but still happy that it will be launched soon.

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I don’t want to sound aggressive but why do you need your own token ? Thank you 🙏

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I can't create an account on that exchange, every time I'm trying it says "error internal memory".

Which exchange did you try on?

Good hunt!!

steemit you really cool

I had to GOOGLE what IEO was: Initial Exchange Offering

let's the hunt begin

Sweet I look forward to the ICOs :)

We need more good tokens like this :)

Thanks very much for the hard work what a great team keep up the great work your doing.

Really interesting news but how much weight on this.

In a historical moment, in which the crypts are criticized, this is an example of trust and challenge to the power of the few

Great achievement!!

So finally we got some good news. I am happy that steemhunt is making its way to Blockchain.

What can I do with HUNT token? Like AFIT token and Partiko points can be exchanged for upvotes.

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For the next you can use your hunt token for purchase products also backed up product... For details you can read here,

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Am new here, can you please share more light

Not good enough answer. This token seems sketchy i dunno why we need it just use steem... stop trying to print money creating your own token....

Hi, I'm a co-found and developer at Steemhunt.

Steem is developing SMT because each dApp requires a different reward scheme and its own token economy.

Creating more tokens is not only good for project funding / bootstrapping, but also good for STEEM value. ETH has the second highest market cap because they have so many dApps and businesses built on the top of Ethereum platform thanks to ERC20 standard.

Steemhunt is built on SMT because we believe SMT has its unique advantage, and Steem has a potential to become more successful blockchain platform earlier than other general platform like ETH and EOS.

I know what you mean, that's because you don't know about steemhunt community and how about the next project. If you know and learn how the hunt platform work (steemhunt, Reviewhunt, ideahunt) you'll know how the great and strong community here. I've been 8 month on steemhunt and I feel that steemhunt is the great, friendly and amazing platform for every steemian. But, everyone have opinion to offer.. thank you

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Expanding hunt funds.

Now this is great news ! Can’t wait to buy some for the portfolio ! Exciting times are coming! Future is now ! Go go hunt !!!

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It will be interesting to know more about this


Hello sir, How are you???

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