Steemhunt ABV 2.0 - Introducing Hunter Level-based Steemhunt Upvotes | New Category Search Feature

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Today we are announcing a new hunter-level based @steemhunt upvoting system. All hunters on will be classified under 6 levels from lv.0 to lv.5 calculated by their contributions within our community, and @steemhunt will upvote their content based on their level.

Also, we launched a new feature today - category search. When you click one of the tags on a post, Steemhunt will show all the hunt posts related to the tag, and suggest related tags so that you can surf more hunting categories.

1. Steemhunt ABV 2.0 - Hunter Level

1-1. Background

Steemhunt is running Account-Based Voting (ABV) system and upvotes hunting posts/comments by ranking-based upvoting algorithm. The goal of this upvoting system is to create a ranking board where the most valued hunting posts can have higher rankings and hunter rewards.

However, this system is prone to be played by circle voters by utilising the weakness of ABV system (1 account has 1 vote regardless of its SP). To reduce the impact of the abusers, we had to add many layers on top of the system such as diversity score, circle voting penalty, blacklist, influencers, etc. Regardless of our efforts, there are still a number of abusers, and the problem is that their ranking is based on their vote for vote power, rather than the quality.

We conclude that the only way to minimise the abusing attempts and increase the quality of the ranking chart is to stop @steemhunt’s upvoting of the hunting posts BASED ON THEIR RANKING, which is the motivation of the abusers to play this system.

1-2. Introducing a new Reputation System - Hunter Level

1-2-1. Philosophy

The hunter’s level is decided based on their overall hunter contribution within Steemhunt. In other words, the hunter level will be determined based on how much the individual hunter has “genuinely” participated in hunting/curating activities in order to increase the value of the Steemhunt platform. A higher hunter level means that he/she has become a more sincere active hunter on Steemhunt than others.

1-2-2. User Score to Define Hunter Level

To decide each hunter’s level, we created a user score. Each hunter will have a user score calculated from four sub-scores described as below:

  1. Account Credibility - It represents how much the account is considered to be a “real” person. With our new system we will use the Steem reputation score and the age of the account in Steemhunt. Later, we plan to include follower graphs and social login (Facebook, Twiter, etc.) within this criteria.
  2. Activity Score - It shows how much the hunter actively uses Steemhunt. Based on the daily login record, this score will be added/deducted every day. Page view, visit duration and other user behaviour records on Steemhunt can be considered later.
  3. Curation Score - This reflects how well the hunter upvotes hunting posts in an adding-value way. This score includes the voting diversity and the user’s total curation weight.
  4. Hunt Score - This score represents how much the hunter has posted valuable hunts. It is calculated by the number of approved hunting posts and the daily ranking of the posts.

The total user score of the hunter will be calculated by all combined four sub-scores, and this score is constantly updated on a daily basis. The details of the sub-scores will also be updated based on the hunter-level distributions.

1-2-3. User Score = The Hunter’s Voting Weight

As you know, each hunter has a different voting weight (you can check it out in your profile section). With the new system, the user score calculated as above will be the individual voting weight. For example, if someone’s sub-scores are as below:

  • Account Credibility: 1.0
  • Activity Score: 1.5
  • Curation Score: 1.5
  • Hunt Score: 1.2;
    the user score will be 1.0 * 1.5 * 1.5 * 1.2 = 2.7, so his/her voting weight will be 2.7, this will also be his/her user score too.

1-2-4. Hunter Level Distributions

The 6 hunter levels are classified based on the user score calculated above. Each hunter level proportion is determined by greater than or equal to his/her user score as described below:

  • Level 5 >= 8.0
  • Level 4 >= 5.0
  • Level 3 >= 3.0
  • Level 2 >= 2.0
  • Level 1 >= 1.0
  • Level 0 < 1.0

The hunter’s level mentioned above will be Lv.2 based on his/her user score = 2.7. The hunter level will also be updated everyday when the user scores are updated.

1-2-5. Hunter Level Bar

Hunter level will not be public knowledge, which means that you will only be able to check out your own hunter level. When you click your profile tab, you will see the hunter level bar. It shows how many user scores you need to increase to achieve a higher hunter level.

This new user score and hunter level system is effective from today (July 26th, 2018 KST).

1-3. Hunter Level-based Steemhunt Upvotes

With the new reputation system, Steemhunt voting system will also change. @steemhunt’s voting bot will not upvote hunting posts based on its ranking of the day. Rather, it will upvote the content BASED ON THE HUNTER’S LEVEL. Please read below to learn how @steemhunt upvotes your content.

1-3-1. Max Number of @steemhunt Votes for Each Hunter

Even if a hunter posts numerous hunting posts and comments, @steemhunt will upvote only one 1 (approved) hunting post and up to 5 comments per day for each hunter.

1-3-2. Content Weight

A hunting post has 10 weight and a comment has 1 weight.

1-3-3. User Weight

User weight is assigned based on the hunter’s level as below:

Level>= User ScoreUser Weight
Lv.0Lower than 1.0x0

1-3-4. Voting Weight Unit

The voting weight unit of each content is calculated by content weight * user weight. The actual voting weight by @steemhunt is based on the share of total voting weight from the entire contents of the day.

For example, if your hunter level is Lv.2 and you have one approved hunting post, the voting weight unit of your hunting post will be 10 (content weight) * 2 (user weight) = 20. If there are a total of 1,000 voting weight units generated that day, the post will be upvoted by 2% of the total available voting pool.

1-3-5. Exclusions

Steemhunt team members (not the community role members such as moderators, influencers, and guardians) will be excluded from @steemhunt’s upvotes. Also, abusive users (i.e. Blacklisted users) will be demoted to Lv.0.

1-3-6. Community Roles

Steemhunt is running several community roles such as moderators, influencers and guardians, and we upvote their moderator/influencer comments to reward them for their dedication. Along with the new upvoting system, the community roles will be rewarded as below:

  • [Hunter Level Rewards] + [Community Role Rewards]

For example, we are currently upvoting up to 10 influencer comments with 0.5% voting weight (vw) and all of the moderator comments with 0.6% everyday. With the new system, their rewards will be as below:

  • Influencer comment rewards: First 5 comments = [vw from his/her own hunter level] + [0.5% as an influencer reward], Other 5 comments = [0.5% as a influencer reward]
  • Moderator comment rewards: First 5 comments = [vw from his/her own hunter level] + [0.6% as a moderator reward], Rest of comments = [0.6% as a moderator reward]

This new @steemhunt upvoting system will be applied from July 27th, 2018 KST.

2. Steemhunt Category Search

Today we launched our new feature - category search by post tags. In the past, we utilised Steemit’s tag search, so when you clicked a tag on a Steemhunt post, you were directed to Steemit’s trending tag page. Many users asked us to create our own category search feature that shows only hunt posts.

From now on, when you click a tag on the hunt post, you will see 1) all the hunt posts that contain the tag you clicked, and 2) related tags to explore more. For example, when you click on the #apps tag on a hunt post, you can see all hunt posts that are tagged #apps and all the related tags.


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The hunter level should be public as it will scare off abusers. Maybe people who have been proven to be a bad steemhunter should be labled as such and then that will show that a low score if it isn’t described as a bad steem Hunter is just a new or inactive person.

That would penalize newcomers. They would be branded “poor” because not everyone has all details or cares about details when it’s so much more interesting to just take a screenshot (crop) and get that social media megaphone out to brandish people.

Too many different labels also adds complexity to the backend.

But you can still discover it next day when you check the upvotes.

I am a new comer and have the products delisted i think three times although i read the guildlines but maybe not yet familiarize with them, would i get blacklisted?

Great to see the new features. Sounds like SH is learning a lot :-D and implementing those learnings as fast as it can!

Interesting that the hunter reputation system philosophy (1.2.1) rewards hunter/curation* participation as opposed to hunter/curation quality. I think this might be a good approach to take because a lot of loyal supporters aren't able to produce top hunts or top comments/votes, but their consistency as loyal supporters is invaluable. Of course, dedicated SH supporters who consistently put up top hunts are the ideal, but dedicated top-performers are very scarce (real world problem).

*I assume the hunting/curation includes voting/commenting

Thanks! We may need to encounter another type of abusers since this new system, but we analysed/compared the risks between previous vs expected new abusers, and think it can be manageable for the new expected abusing attempts :)

Well, really this is the best update so far

Wow really that your progress is just great, this solves a lot of problems. But now with this you tell me that the quality of the hunt does not matter if not the level of the hunter to receive rewards?

SH is not the ones who giving the rewards for good content, our voting is just a support for good contributors on SH community.

Rewards should be generated from the community, and we expect more community generated rewards with this update :)

i love changes like this. onwards and upwards! hurrah! :)

This is a very amazing change, hopefully this change successful @steemhunt.

So in easy word, we can get point to convert into SBD/SP without write anything in Steemhunt?

No you may misunderstood.
User Score is related to your voting weight (influence) on Steemhunt community,
and Steemhunt voting bot will vote on the contributions based on the User Level decided by User Score.

i c.

So the higher user score will get more. Thanks for the explanation.

This is awesome

Hunter level will not be public knowledge

This is misleading, as everything on the blockchain is public.

Screenshot 20190914 at 23.42.14.png

I do understand what you're saying, basically, this information is not within view to the public on the steemhunt front-end.. However there are a lot of people who do not understand exactly how public a blockchain is, and don't realise that every little thing they do on STEEM is very easily tracked and that the data is there forever. Wording such as this can only add to the confusion and sugar-coating anything in the crypto space is never a good way to go .

I'm not sure how to better word what you're trying to say there but I'm not comfortable with you conveying that the information is not public.

Not bashing you SteemHunt, just trying to clear things up.

Wow ... This is really cool, kudos to the team ... Happy hunting to all hunters there

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Horay,,, this is get more interesting now
bye bye V4V abusers

thanks @steemhunt team for creating better system.

Even i can't understand all of explanations, i am sure steemhunt will be better without abusers. They will need to improve their single account to earn from steemhunt.

Very Amazing positive changes from steemhunt , i really love the development you are making in steemhunt. Steemhunt deserve some accolades.

Another Awesome Update!
I need to post another SteemHunt, to see if my chances have improved. :-)

보팅했는데 기존 점수보다 작아지는 이유가 뭐죠?

이번주 동안은 User Score 튜닝을 하는 기간이라 점수 기준이 계속 바뀌실 수 있습니다.
보팅시 점수가 작아지는 경우는 같은 유져들에게 반복해서 보팅 할 경우 Diversity Score가 감소하여 스코어가 내려갈 수 있습니다.

답변 감사합니다.


I'm really happy with the new changes.

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Hopefully, this will decrease abusers and keep good and loyal hunters on the platform. You rock!!!

Good decision to move away from the ranking system as it can be easily exploited.

Thank you for sharing the news on the blockchain. We found this one interesting, therefore we featured this article on our Episode 9 of SteemTechShow!

Click the image below to watch the video:

It shows everything so exciting. I have to learn about steemhunt. Thanks!

My steem hunt level is over 9000.