Atik Horizon - A CMOS Camera developed for deep sky astrophotography

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Atik Horizon

A CMOS Camera developed for deep sky astrophotography



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The Atik Horizon is their first CMOS Camera by Atik. This camera beautifully made with a sensitive 16 Mega Pixel 4/3" Panasonic CMOS sensor (QE approx ' 60%), offers a sensitivity of which one could only dream of with previous CCD cameras. It also delivers incredibly fast read speed and exceptionally low read noise of any Atik camera (at a competitive price).

Features & advantages:

  • High sensitivity also in H-alpha
  • High-quality machined housing
  • Can be used  with USB 2.0 or with USB 3.0
  • ASCOM, Infinity software compatible and Artemis
  • 256 Mega-Byte DDR3 photo/image buffer - no amp glow
  • Working/Backfocus distance from the T2-thread: 13mm
  • Powerful Peltier cooling up to 45 °Celsius below ambient
  • This camera is also compatible with the Celestron RASA and with the HyperStar systems from 8" upwards.



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  • Image quality is nice, low amp glow, low noise
  • Sealed sensor – no dew!
  • Cooling works well
  • Solid, well built


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I myself like Astrophotography. Though, I haven't been able to do much, but have seen work of other photographers a lot.
I really feel this would be a great equipment for such photographers.
Good one!

This an outstanding astrophotography CMOS camera best ever,
Indeed, i really like this camera design looks like 360°
(Pretty cool)


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