INSTA360 ONE X - A new brilliant 360-degree camera

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A new brilliant 360-degree camera



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Hello Guys...!
Today, Insta360 released their new flagship model 360º camera the INSTA360 ONE X. It is a virtual reality 360-degree video camera. Actually, this 360-degree camera also capable of creating "normal" video through its freecapture software. Especially, this small and unique is more pocketable than the Insta360 One and is easier to hold.

The Insta360 One X is the next generation consumer 360-degree camera by Insta360. The latest Flagship Insta360 OneX has impressive and amazing new features. 4K video at 50 fps, 3K at 100fps, 5.7K at 30fps,18MP photos. Gimbal-like stabilization which they call 'Point Later', 'Shoot First', 'looking smooth' and 'FlowState'

According to the Insta360's new One X, it’s one you can throw around to create Matrix-style bullet time videos. Insta360 also offers 'HDR, slow-motion, high speed WiFi preview, time-lapse/hyperlapse mode, file transfers and invisible selfie stick etc.



Hunter: @steemrobot

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  • 360 degree Video camera
  • 18MP Photo/5.7k Video
  • HDR
  • Invisible selfie stick
  • WiFi/cable transfer


  • None

I am in love with this... especially the invisible selfie stick and the drifter!

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Really awesome find...
Basically, it's a small but works too big...✔

Awesome hunt...!

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