Dog Generator - Over 750,000 Possible Dogs

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Dog Generator

Over 750,000 Possible Dogs



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Hunter's comment

This is the most adorable application that I have found till date. Perfect for dog lovers and parents who want to keep their kids busy in creative stuff. You can take a printout of these dogs and use them for coloring or maybe use them as a base for your Digital Art. Right now they have over 7,50,000 different dog designs. You can simply tap on the screen and it will show you the next Dog Generated.

The only downside of this application is that you cannot search any specific design. So if you forgot to save the current design and tap on it, then it is impossible to manually find it again. Although it was intended to provide different dog designs, it could have some more features.



Hunter: @sugandhaseth

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Hello @sugandhaseth
Here is my opinion about Dog Generator


  • It is a wonderful idea to make the kids busy
  • Massive variety of the dogs design has been provided so kill he boredom
  • It involves the kids to love the pets like Dog
  • Easy to take the print
  • No complications are involved at all to enjoy the colors
  • Very easy to throw the favorite color in one's desired design


  • Not any major negative of this app

Overall a superb hunt :)

@sugandhaseth, This software seems worth trying, and i will definitely give it a go, and let me know if you find more such softwares.


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