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Self - Driving Vehicle



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Nuro Vehicle is an autonomous car for deliveries that requires no driver / passenger. It is fully automated , on road vehicle which is designed to deliver goods quickly safely. Take advantage of its beautiful small flexible design that handles every delivery things for you. This Autonomous Vehicle is always there to help you with its amazing intelligence. Don't worry about the roads because its designed in such a way that it drives following all safety rules.


  • Stops itself if detects pedestrians crossing the road
  • Follows traffic signals
  • Efficient , electric and fully autonomous
  • Beautiful small design vehicle

Beautiful Design

Nuro In Action



Hunter: @sumanthp

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I know that there were a couple of self-driving bots used by business to deliver their products but, this is next level. I am sure that this is where we're heading towards, we'll soon start seeing more and more people adopt this kind of technology for their deliveries.

Keep on hunting.

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This is such a cool product .. It can be used for delivery or gigs and it will bring more profit to companies in transport as it will cost nothing for paying of drivers .. It may lead to unemployment though ...

Great hunt


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Congratulations on your Approved hunt. Is this really safe to buy this car? So, how will the computer detect the roads if it has some rocks.

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This is an amazing technological feat! It's awsome but weird and kind of scary at the same time because there are no people driving this vehicle.

Altough it's programmed to stop when pedestrians walk it would theoretically be possible to abuse it and cause great harm.

It' very positive that it's completely electric and thus emissions free.

Before I'm just curious about how to control this smart car, whether it has special tools such as controlling it from a monitor or using a special app on seluler?

Its a truly extraordinary product, thanks for always your sharing the great hunt in steemhunt. I already looking forward to your next hunt :)

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This is cool and useful autonomous car. It also drive safely so it can reduce the car accidents.

Yes, love it!
Most self-driving vehicle promos you see are these slow overly cautious vehicles.

This one appears to be a little more reckless, just like real drivers. It'll fit right into the flow of traffic.

This is a cool and useful car.
Grab, uber should use this car to provide their delivery service.
I'm just worry about this car protection, because usually thief always find their way :(

This is a wonderful invention! I am wowed! Like seriously! Google map must be on its brain box or something similar for the robotic car to know all routes. This is really great!

I like this car, but mostly because it has Forest Gump potential. Lots of.

And as we all know... that’s a positive to anything.

An interesting and safe driving car which can easily be use by someone who doesn't know how to drive due to it self driving ability, and can serve as a means of reducing road accident

Super cool gadget with a super futuristic design and the best thing is that the AI that incorporates to be self-healing is really impressionable.

The coolest thing about this small vehicle is how well developed is the artificial intelligence that is responsible for driving the vehicle since it is capable of taking decisions similar to those that would take a real pilot.

Well done.

This is super cool ... Auto pilotted car will go alongway in making the automobile world advanced .. Great hunt here!!

Autonomous products are awesome but driving is a hobby for me. So i think i'll never have a product like that

Wow! This is cool


  • it is highly automated,
  • It detect pedestrians crossing
  • It saves human effort and time
  • It also abide by traffic rules


  • none for this hunt

i have to say that's the coolest little bug like thing i've seem -- i can totally imagine a whole street army of these things delivering goods and services to people's houses!


  • It reduces human stress.
  • It is fully automated.
  • It obeys traffic rules.
  • It source of power is efficient.
  • It is human/environmental friendly


  • Non for this product.

This is the future, helping to travel safe, even if we are tired and worn out, if someone has one, please give me a lift, thank you for your hunt~


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This looks amazing. I wonder when well see these moving about on the roads. Self-driving vehicles seems to be the way of the future. This can be helpful for maybe the elderly or people with disabilities, who can't drive for themselves. Great hunt.

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