Tensorflow.js - running Machine Learning algorithm on web browser

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running Machine Learning algorithm on web browser





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Yea, you heard right, now you don't need to have a server in order to run Machine Learning or AI anymore!

Tensorflow is a famous library created by Google as a framework for creating Machine Learning and AI.

At this current state, TensorFlow.js is a javascript library that is able to run on web front end, and by this means that you no longer required to connect to a server from time to time to let the AI analyzed the data, but instead, it runs on your browser!

Once a Machine Learning model is trained, you can simply deploy it with TensorFlow.js, which made it blazing fast.

Look at this awesome Demo!

What's more exciting? This project is open source on Github.

Github Repository




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Pros :

  • It does use some flexible and intuitive APIs where you can build mobels in scratch using the low-level JavaScript library
  • It can also run some pre-existing TensorFlow flow under any browser
  • It does retain some pre-exisitng ML models by just using sensor data
  • It has several demo and sample codes

Cons :

  • This JavaScript library is great. I have no cons for this.

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Wow, it looks cool


  • don't need to have a server in order to run Machine Learning or AI anymore!
  • no installation needed
  • run straight from web
  • reliable library offered by Google


  • none for this hunt

Thanks for your hunt.


  • It's the most advanced machine learning framework
  • It is quite easy to train models
  • Can be used for development purposes directly in the browser


  • Nothing


  • Many people looking forward for something like this
  • I want to have it right now
  • I would enjoy to have this at home :D


  • None


  • Don't have to install any softwares on your PC
  • Can run straight from the browser
  • great for beginners who wants to learn
  • users can make use of their webcam + mics on their pc
  • being a .js file, users may be able to use it on mobile platforms as well
  • users who have tensorflow background can apply the same ideas to tf.js


  • webgl is definitely slower than traditional python AVX
  • js might not have all the libraries which are common in python

It still a very early phase, I expect more to come, and they might use wasm in future?

yea it was just announced not too long ago, 2 months or something like that... wasm huh... interesting... it might speed things up a bit, but again, i don't think it'll be able to make full use of the gpu i guess..

haha true, not for model training...
But wasm shows a lot of potential on server side also. Look at EOS, it is build with WASM.

ah okay, havent check out EOS before haha.. will look out for it :)

I love A.I. stuff and this is what we need in near future, good find bro!

I love A.I. stuff and
This is what we need in near
Future, good find bro!

                 - wilhb81

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Thanks hahaha

Awesome! Hadn't heard of it before

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it's a different product altogether from a programmer's perspective as it utilizes a different framework :)

Thanks Folken!

Hi~ @superoo7 , Happy SteemHunt~~

Thanks man 😁

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This is awesome! Nice hunt @superoo7


  • I honestly can't even comprehend that AI can be run with just javascript on a web front end.. that's so much data to process...
  • Love that it's opensource.
  • Machine can learn without coding...


  • It's still hard to believe, I'm going to have to play with it to truly understand how it all works...

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