I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock - The MOST annoying and effective alarm EVER!

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I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock

The MOST annoying and effective alarm EVER!


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Hunter's comment

Who's your best friend? Who do you miss the most when you're far away from home? My answer is: my bed.🛏️ I have the same struggle every morning: how to get out of bed. If you're like me, then this mobile app is definitely what you need!!

I'm pretty sure this is the MOST EFFECTIVE alarm EVER!!!

  • It STANDS OUT from other previously hunted alarm apps like Shake-IT Alarm and Alarmy (no offence! ;p), because it includes ALL the features available in those apps, and provides much more challenging tasks to complete before the alarm stops ringing!!! There're up to 8 Wake Up Tasks which will not let you turn the alarm off unless you crack them all ‼️!! These tasks include: Rewrite, Order, Math, Memory, Pairs, Shake, Repeat and Bar Code Tasks ;pp You won't feel sleepy at all after finishing all the tasks!!





  • While you can finish all the previous tasks without leaving your bed, the Barcode task will force you to get up and move around the house to find the correct barcode before the alarm stops ringing ;pp


  • Not feeling confident in solving all these questions? No worries, you can always CHOOSE THE DIFFICULTY.


  • The FUNNIEST thing about this app is that their ringtones are REALLY ANNOYING. There's literally a ringtone called "annoying"!!!! LOLLLLLLL! The 3 worst best ringtones are marked in red. You can of course choose your favourite song, but I won't do that because I will surely go back to sleep LOL! You should definitely download the app to let yourself annoyed!





Hunter: @susanlo


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  • a very useful app for me because i always oversleep
  • hope it can help people to wake up immediately and don't be lazy anymore
  • the wake up sound is innovative


  • many competitors / similar products

Thanks a lot for your review;p

Here is what i feel about it
Pros :

  • This application is great tool to wake up early and get going with your day
  • It has certain tasks and assignments you have to do to snooze the alarm or turn it off
  • The application is available for ios and android

Cons :

  • For people like who really don't give sh***t i might just throw the phone away or probably switch the damn phone off .

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hahahahahah thanks for your review and you're fun!!!!! I thought I could turn off the phone but later realized the power button wouldn't work before I finish all the tasks LOL! But that is exactly what this app you what yourself to do, isn't it ;ppp While I have to admit after having this app I'm prepared to buy a new phone. Cheers!

Please see below review on this awesome hunt:


- This application is available on iOS users for download at App Store.
- It is very helpful to set as a reminder to students who are having difficulty getting up early for school and employees going to work.
- You can set your alarm times with snooze 

Cons :

Too many applications for alarms available nowadays, but this one is also a great aide.

Thanks a lot for your review!! :)


  • It can help people more awake in the morning
  • The interface is cute and colorful
  • It can train our brain
  • Remove sleepy


  • None for this hunt

hahaha thanks for reviewing this annoying and funny app!

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Thanks a lot!!! :) happy hunting!!!!!

Love this

On a similar note, I heard an influencer YouTuber suggest each day he has a twitter post set to automatically go out in the morning, which he offers to pay anyone who RT a $5 payment for the first 10 RT! Then each morning he has to get up to turn off the automatic tweet or pay a $50 penalty! What a concept eh? Cheers!

Hahahha really!!! He is more creative than the developer of this app LOLLL see how much people are willing to pay before they get up, haha that’s fun!! Thanks for your interesting comment! Cheers :)

Cool but very funny :D

This is my opinion about your APP @susanlo


  • The bed is like having a magnet to our body, it is difficult to get out of bed when we wake up and want to run the activity. This is a problem that every day I experience, it's hard to resist the gravitational forces that exist in the bed :)

  • APP is great in my opinion because in a way that is annoying inevitably we have to get out of bed because turn off the alarm from this app takes a fight.

  • very helpful APP .. SUPER HUNT


  • Maybe the way APP is done is very effective, but the bad impact is we are forcibly awakened and usually this affects the mood that is less good so it affects our activities. But the rest of this app is cool.

This is the value I give to your product

Haha thanks for your detailed review and high marks given!!!! I agree with you LOLLL!

Hahaha I like to give opinions from your app, because this app is related to my problem every day :)

Useful app! Great hunt.. Keep hunting.. Good luck...

Thanks for your appreciation! :)

This product is useful for me. I am sleepyhead. Haha^-^

kkk thanks a lot! Yup I like it esp when it's holiday and I don't wanna leave my bed ;pp

These alarm clocks are not effective. If too annoying an alarm clock type people just ditch the alarm clock.

Best (most effective) type of alarms are those which actually make you get up. Little runners or “exercise” mats.

The best alarm clock would be a programmed bot which runs away from you, always staying 2-3 foot ahead and goes all the way to the kitchen, or wherever your smart coffee machine is. A coffee machine programmed to start as your alarm rings.


  • cheap


  • over-designed
  • ineffective

Hahah thanks a lottt for your reply!!! I know what you’re taking about! The 2005 Ig Nobel Prize winner in Economics: “Clocky”, right? Haha there’s also a running alarm called“Tocky Touch” invented by their company which plays MP3 when it runs LOL! I’m impressed by these alarms too, but too pricey for me TT and if as soon as I get up I run, I’d feel dizzy (literally). So I’d rather download this app and walk to the bathroom to search for the required bar code ;ppp

I’m a big believer in KISS. Even though designing simple is the most difficult challenge in existence.

If your [anything] has to have every possible feature everyone has thought of... then you absolutely have no clue about what works.

You are such not only throwing the kitchen sink at things but also two fridges, the microwave, and your mopping bot.

It actually wouldn’t be too hard to develop such an alarm bot with one of those “Learn to code” bot kits.

Personal elements like low blood pressure when getting up can completely be considered and programmed. The alarm can have its own “what works best for you” snooze programming.

Recently two alarm clocks were hunted which actually make people get up.

One was super cheap even.

Another issue with cheap apps is that you’re not invested in them. Too easy to delete when it nags too much.

Haha thanks for your detailed analysis for the effectiveness of different kinds of alarms! You’re right, it’s not too difficult to design a bot like this, but when I studied hard and failed my Visual Basic test in secondary skl, I started to admire all kinds of CS related things, even simple as this XD Actually this bot alarm has “snooze” function, too! Should I add that in the Hunter’s Comment? I didn’t do that coz I thought it’s kinda common hahaha! And as you said those running or mat alarm were hunted before, TBF I was about to hunt Clocky, but realised it’s a 2005 product!! Maybe someday when I’m too annoyed by this app I’ll try a running alarm. I might fall in love with it or just have to endure it coz it cost me a lot ;ppp

Hopefully, I won't throw my phone away when the alarm is on over and over again XD

Hahahaha it’s time to buy insurance for your phone you won’t! I believe you can solve the tasks quickly :P


  • You can wake up no matter how sleepy you are
  • Useful tool for the people who can't get up early
  • Useful tool for lazy people lol


  • May affect others if you can't solve the puzzle quickly

Hahah thanks a lot for your review! I’m one of those lazy people TVT and you’re so right to say that it can affect the others LOL I’m usually not the only one who’s waken up by it hahaha

Useful app! But I must hate it every morning!!!

Hahaha thanks! Yup I hate it every morning and thank it every night and hate it again... LOL

Interesting product. It will surely help someone like me. Keep hunting

Hahaha thanks! :)

Great app i need this type of app in my daily activity

haha thanks! You should definitely check it out ;pp

Thanks susanlo

You’re very welcome :))

what great! This is the most ingenious thing I've seen in years. but I think we will really hate him. Do you remember how we came to hate a song that we configured as an alarm tone?despertar niño.jpg

Haha you’re so right;p thanks for your comment!

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their ringtune is really very annoying but too much useful because sweet ring tune will not help you to get up. annoying alarm may be annoyed you but it is effective to your work. as you said " every morning you hete it and thanked every night "....... it should be. i am too lazy and sleepy too. that's why i needed it

Hahahahaha you’re right!! Thanks for your comment :)) cheers!

he..he..its annoying. im not going to have this annoyer. i want to sleep ;D

Hahahah yup it’s super annoying! I wanna sleep too but I can’t since the day I’ve downloaded the app LMAOOO

I can't use this app! I will smash my phone!

hahaha that's why I've changed 100 phones because of this app you should check it out and be annoyed at least once to test your limits! ;p JK, thanks for your comment!

I wake up early in the morning without alarm clo

This is what I'm looking for! Hope it works. Going to download the app soon. Nice hunt @susanlo

haha I'm glad you like it!!! You should check it out ;p Be prepared to be annoyed!

I did. Run a few tests earlier and I love it!

Haha I’m globally you do! Cheers!

• can help us to get up early
• can help to discipline

• the alarm should have sounded long enough for the guard

Hahaha thanks for your review

Great product. Very useful for sleepy heads ....lol

Hahaha thanks!! Yup it is :)




  • The app provides you a great way to be active on doing your to do list
  • Convenient for those who are quite lazy to get up
  • You can costumize the features provided based on your likings


  • It might affect your mood if you won't be able to complete or finish the challenging puzzle lol

Haha thanks for your review! And yup, I’ll definitely feel distressed when I can’t finish them all!

muy buena t informacon muy valiosa saludos

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haha I'm glad you like my product ;p

It's a great application that I will use with great pleasure! Succes to hunt @susanlo!

Super Hunt @susanlo

Note: This is just ”My Personal Opinion & Assessment”, not intended to “Judge” the reviews you have made.


  • Idea / Innovation
    The idea of the "I Can not Wake Up Alarm Clock" app is to give you a wake-up reminder. Actually the idea is mediocre, but the cool is its feature. There are MATH tasks, etc.

  • Design / UI / Spec
    Its UI is very easy to use.

  • Features / Advantages / Benefits
    There is a MATH Task (before we can finish it, the alarm will not stop). Scheduling alarms, notes, and so forth.

  • Price
    This app is free, but there is a premium feature in the app.

This is only available on iOS.


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Thanks a lot for your detailed review!! :)

Nice app i like this app play store available yet

Thanks for your comment!

I tried it myself it really works guys hahahaha 😂. Well I'm bit annoyed how to turn it off