ARTAS - The first and only robotic hair transplant

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The first and only robotic hair transplant



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Hi! I am a university student who loves the latest devices. I introduced an innovative robot called ARTAS, the first and only robotic hair transplant. Hair transplant procedures are very difficult all the time. It accompanies an automated arm with a double punch collecting system, optical imaging, and a workstation connected with the robot's processor.

ARTAS Benefits :

  • High-Definition Stereoscopic Vision System

  • Physician-Assisted Robotic Technology

  • Eliminates the Potential for Human Error

  • Precision Robotics

  • Fast Recovery



Hunter: @sweetguy

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I know many people who are suffering from hair fall, this robot will help them to solve hair fall problem and also if some one don't have hair at all, they can be transplanted.

Full head hair transplant is always risky, not sure how safe the bot procedure will be. Proof with Trial reports can generate some confidence. This idea if proven safe will be a big hit.

Being someone who is dealing with going bald right now, it is nice to know that there are a lot of advancements going on in the hair loss industry right now. I think that a computer could probably do a much better job than humans on surgery like this because they can take micro measurements between hair follicles and place the new hair exactly where it needs to be to instead of guessing. Im going to have to look more into this. Great hunt! 😁👍

I can see why robotics would be great for hair transplants. It’s very time consuming and tedious job. Great find :)

Excellent systems for those suffering from baldness, also allows the visualization of a 3D model created by photographs of the patient in order to observe and decide where to graft. Low invasive and takes from a donor area without it being affected. producing highly satisfactory results. Great hunting

Thank you, sister, for the sweet comment.

Hair transplant is very difficult and its take long time for oprate . As you mention this is first and rebotic transplant its really helpful . And other main feature is its result more accorate because when human do work with hand is more chance for error happing. but when things done by rebots its more accorate and speedy as well. Nice hunt @sweetguy

Thank you brother for the comment

you had me at precision robotics and fast recovery. I just wanted to share that being bald especially for women can be very depressing. Wigs and normal hair are two different things so, having an instrument that offers precise and fast recovery is like a holy grail in the hair implant industry.

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