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Firefighting Robot



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Hi! I am a university student who loves the latest devices. I introduced an innovative robot called COLOSSUS, firefighting robot. The COLOSSUS Firefighting Robot can easily move on the various terrain. It supports day and night vision video equipment. You can easy to control it by remote.


  • Max torque: 4000 Nm

  • Continuous autonomy: 6 to 8 hours

  • Capacity of crossings

  • Ease of piloting

  • Minimum maintenance

  • Traction capacity of more than 2 tons

  • Carrying capacity of more than 800 kg

  • Slope: 45 °

  • Reversing: 45



Hunter: @sweetguy

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Firefighters are the real heroes, but they also have families and they always risk their life our us, so why not we should think of their safety but building a robot that can replace them in a dangerous situation and dangerous places.

The value of these kind of robots were pretty evident during the California fires. The risk of human life is eliminated. there are only so many firefighters in one area. A product like this enables more work to be done with the same amount of manpower available.

The other advantage is the delegation of responsibilities. the bots can take charge of the fire hoses while the humans put their focus on saving other human lives in the midst of fires. 6 to 8 hours of autonomy is very important when fighting against long drawn out fires and lo maintenance means nobody has to think too much when it comes to buying one and keeping it in stock. Really great Hunt.

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This is amazing, to not risk human lives, in situations of danger, and still be able to save life by sending this robot to rescue. Good thing is that, it can even be customized by various options like water cannons of different potencies, video turret with zoom camera and thermal camera etc. What is the price of this world's most powerful electric robot ?

Fire and rescue is a dangerous job, robotics like this can really help save lives and prevent catastrophes. The bot is very well built and offers important features that withstand intense heat. This is a really great hunt. I love it :)

Thank you for the comment

Technology has indeed come far as it affords us the opportunity to operate in ways that is both practical,convenient,safe and solves most of the problems that has plaqued humanity for a number of years.One of such solutions is the collosus fire fighting robot it removes the danger to firemen by tackling hard to put out fires.Awesome hunt @sweetguy


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Fire fighting is a tough job. In time cope of firefighting is impossible with good vehicle. COLOSSUS is a great fire fighting robot which works great in most difficult area. The robot is capable of working 6 to 8 hours and have torque of 4000 Nm.Great hunt

Firefighting is a reality in any community and having a robot for extreme cases is something that the firemen can benefit of. Amazing invention.

This is useful and essential for all in future life.It is more better to use when firing or explosing difficult to get in anywhere.There are the best fire robot as difficult anywhere.
So I like very much your post and This is the best post on steemhunt.


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