DELOREAN Hovercraft - Smart Hovercraft Car & it speed is about 81 mph

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DELOREAN Hovercraft

Smart Hovercraft Car & it speed is about 81 mph



Hunter's comment

Hi everybody, today the hunt, I am sharing to all of you is the DELOREAN Hovercraft. It is based on the time-traveling car from the films. Its a custom built the sculpture of a DELOREAN but it does contain real car part. In the water, its maximum speed is about 81 mph. The creator took four and a half year to completely built it. It has a 23 horsepower engine which powers a 36-inch fan on the back of the hovercraft. At the bottom of the hovercraft, there are different colours of light, so its look beautiful at night. Its prize is about $45,000.

For more information check this video



Hunter: @sweetguy

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Thank you urbangladiator for the approve my hunt.

It will be exciting if I can feel riding this hovercraft on the water. It can be run on the road and water. It looks cool hovercraft

Cool hunt!

Just like the other comments here, it brings back child memories of the movie "back to the future". Now, I think we can say it's a blast to the past. :) cool car and cool hunt.

sweet hunt coming from the sweetguy
i guess jamesbond missed this, impressive hunt

Thanks brother for the comment

A hovercraft that looks like a delorean is going to get some attention from people because the popular movie. 81 mph is an incredible speed to reach on water.

Now if it could take off and fly in the air from the water would be even better:)

It is hovercraft car . It is very beautifull and amazing car . It can run in the water it is very powerfull its speed is 81 mph

Haha I love the design. Michael J Fox would be proud. The hover crafts that companies are coming out with now are simply awesome.

This really looks like science fiction, but it really is and is almost five years to completely built. Impresive.

I'm interested in the sea, but this is more like a race car that can swim in the sea. The speed at sea is also influential. AWESOME HUNT ! :)

Nice, I do like the car shade on it, it really made it look even more cool ;) Usual hover crafts does not really looks that nice while edition looks pretty great.

Wow nice hunt @sweetguy This brings back memories! One of my favorite movies of all time, if I had the extra money I would get myself one! :)

Its design is really awesome and from time travel film. The most amazing part is its speed 81 MPH . Nice hunt

I thought this was the car from the James Bond movie "The Spy Who Loved Me". But the DELOREAN is much better because it is a hovercraft. I would like to cross the Baltic Sea with it. Thanks for the informative hunt.

Is this back in the future or what?:) Looks like a fun car, reaching such speeds must be awesome.

Thats a great hovercraft, makes me go "back to the future"

@chuuukie,thank you for the comment. Its my pleasure.

It has a different design. You have the chance to drive a car both on normal land and at sea. Speed is fine. You'll have fun.

This vehicle is sick men, what a great and innovative design that someone has been able to take an iconic vehicle and become even more incredible. The DeLorean now not only travels in time but also does it for the water, Marty must be very happy

Thank you for the comment

the design and speed is excellent. riding a car on water surface...feels amazing.

the speed and design really attract me and I do really hope i can ride it one day. cheers for the hunt

Wow this car is amazing. Speed is good. in the water you will not get traffic as you get on the roads. So you can run this car in full of speed. I will like to buy it when I become rich.

It's great to see someone realize his dream and at the same time of thousands fans of the movie. Impressive production by Matt Riese with this spec. Thanks for sharing this project @sweetguy

This is an expensive car but value for money. I like the design of this car. This car speed is good. Can you please tell me, this car only for water or it runs on the road too?

Wao Really your today hunt is so cool and impressive.Very attractive design if this car.Very easy to drive this car in the water.Many features of this car.One main feature is it speed is about 81 mph.Thats so amazing.I can feel riding this hovercraft on the water.Thats so wonderful and excited experience.Everyone like your great hunt.Affordable price.Its only $45 only.Available 2 or 3 colours.Thanks for sharing.

The DELOREAN Hovercraft is a smart Hovercraft car. There is a single-door rear with a large propeller. The car has four wheels and an inflatable mattress at the bottom. It reaches 81 miles per hour. Good quality and nice.

Such tools benefit people a lot. When you've gone somewhere, you pass through the water very comfortably. It allows you to reach your destination more easily.

A great car I would say. If you love water sport and know driving than why not enjoy the water sports with DELOREAN Hovercraft smart car. Great hunt.

I just can say "wow" to this hovercraft. Its features are great but its designation is also amazing. Perfect hunt.

Neat design of the hover craft car. Really like thi sone and can go for 81mph. Great. Thank you for the share and hunt.

It looks like a car in a back-to-back Future.

hey @sweetguy, it is so cool and has a beautiful design thanks for sharing.

A dream come true car! From the land into the water!

Most lovable DELOREAN Hovercraft

Really, this is a great and innovative design, it's an advanced Hovercraft, which can be run on the road and water. The smart hovercraft car speed is approximately 81 mph. The speed of this car is good.

Awesome hunt! best of luck 👍👍👍

♥♦♣♠Aswame... ♥♣♦♠

It was the so cool hunt..


Keep it up...

@UpVoTeD your post♥♦♣♠


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