K-ROCK - Smart remote control robot for all terrain

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Smart remote control robot for all terrain



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Hi! I am a university student who loves the latest devices. I introduced an innovative robot called K-ROCK, Smart remote control robot for all terrain. User easy to control it.


  • Scale1 : 8

  • Wheel Base :360 mm

  • Weight : 5,540 g

  • Length : 617 mm

  • Width :416 mm

  • Height : 275 mm

  • Motor : IBL40/20 2000KV




Hunter: @sweetguy


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Wow, this smart remote control vehicle looks BADA$$! Seems like it is pretty much indestructible too, I would love to have one of these things! Great hunt! 😎👍

Thank you for the comment

Hi @sweetguy,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

Thank you for the approve my hunt @fknmayhem

Great Hunt

Hello @sweetguy, I really appreciate your effort & It could be use for fun as well as for various investigation missions.
Here is my opinion-


  • Smart & Compact
  • Powerful
  • Able to walk on any ground
  • Easy to control


  • None

    Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

Damn bro, this little baby can jump like a cat. Great hunto!


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Thanks again and look forward to seeing your next hunt!

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