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Amphibious Bus



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Hi! I am a university student who loves the latest devices. I introduced an innovative bus called Kaba. This is an Amphibious Bus. KABA bus is a bus, but also a ship. This amphibious bus was named after the "Hippo".
It is the Kaba bus in Japan. The bus takes you through a forest. Then into a lake. It drives past mount Fuji on Lake Yamanaka. It's fit up to 40 peoples. A ride cost only $20.

For more information check this video




Hunter: @sweetguy


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Hi @sweetguy,

Thanks for your hunt but I can not accept it because you’ve hunted an “experience”, a bus fare. The product would be the actual bus and the link would be their manufacturer. Additionally, this is something which is rather common already and not “tech” (but mechanical).

Accordingly I have delisted your hunt for not being a product but an experience.

Wow a nice bus that can go in water too. Can get a fun and entertaining ride with this bus for sure. Lovely design and this is more suitable for amazement parks and for tourism.
Nice hunt

Thank you for the comment

@sweetguy you really good hunter. I always try to find out exceptional and new hunt and KABA is one of the most attractive hunts.
For the first time, I see this type of vehicle. Hope today your hunt will remain top 10. By the way, do you know about the price of this vehicle.
ha ha ha,, It's my prediction, Let's see, What will happen.

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