New Prebuilt LT2-F - Robot easy to climb anywhere

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New Prebuilt LT2-F

Robot easy to climb anywhere


Hunter's comment

Hi everybody, today the hunt, I am sharing to all of you is the NEW Prebuilt LT2-F, robot easy to climb anywhere anytime. This a prebuilt robot assembled from the LT2-F Tracked ATR Robot Platform. User easy to control it. Its weight is very light. Its battery time is very long. The flipper arms are driven with a powerful IG52 gear motor. The strength of the axles is very hight so they won't twist when the robot is dropped.

Dimensions :

  • It speed is about 107 feet per minute.
  • It weight is about 53 lbs.
  • Handles 25lbs
  • Easy to assemble.

Check this video for more information



Hunter: @sweetguy

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@dayleeo, this is new prebuilt LT2-F. Please check it official website.

WOW was surprised with the way to climb that table.
It is a very strong robot, I never saw one with similar characteristics.
Epic hunt

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