Slide To Safety - Save life during emergency like fire & terrorist attack

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Slide To Safety

Save life during emergency like fire & terrorist attack


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Hi! I am a university student who loves the latest devices. I introduced an innovative product is called Slide To Safety. These are inflatable escape slides. Slides can be deployed during an emergency, like a fire or active shooter situation. The non-electric system uses compressed air canister and ambient air to inflate the slides. It takes only six seconds.

Uses Of Slide To Safety :

This Slide To Safety is used in the following places.





For more information check this video.



Hunter: @sweetguy

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This should be actually something very simple and standard on every building. Would save lives especially on very congested cities where help is harder to reach.

It's a good concept of first emergency rescue. Danger and crime can never be predicted especially in public facilities. How many wild shootings occur in schools. And I think this is one of the best ways to minimize casualties.

Fire hazard, terrorist activities, short circuiting, gas leakages swallowed many life due to inappropriate evacuation from the place. Slide To Safety is an amazing device which helps to quick evacuation from the affected building. It will be helpful to save many life. Great hunt

Thank you for the comment

We already know these slides from airplanes, but this is a great idea to install them in larger quantities in public buildings like schools. It is a very simple and inexpensive solution to increase safety. Very good hunting, thank you.

Thank you for the comment

I have seen some years ago fire hazard. The building have only one way for out or in. Many people died in that case . Your idea Slide To Safety is really best idea for these situation. With the help of these slides many lives will save these type hazard. Thanks @sweetguy

Impressive hunt! Earthquake and Fire hazard are often suddenly happened and huge destruction occurred because of it. But this slide to safety is a great idea for building that in an emergency it will be helpful and can save many lives.

That is very nice and to be honest would sure be very helpful in times of need. I really hope that the usage of this kind of Slide sure endure safety to may people.
Though I really wish that this kind of situation does never happens to any body.

Excellent for speedy evacuations! Most of us who fly are already familiar with these contraptions - at least conceptually.

Really useful and innovative, as well as fun ... Excellent idea.

wow. Good hunt. I think this will really save a lot of lives. It is not only fast to utilize but also safe.

Thanks brother

Nowadays, fire or terrorist attacks have become really common. Sadly, there are only few things to do about them.
But, thanks there are ways to save lives.
Thanks for sharing this

Very useful technology that can save alot's of lifes. Very nice post.

Safety slide, life saving in case of fires, earthquakes or other home damages.


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