Flixgang - See my friends' top picks on Netflix

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See my friends' top picks on Netflix



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Hunter's comment

Get connected with your friends on Netflix. Flixgang lets Netflix users share a chart of their top picks with an interesting theme directly on their Netflix feed.




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Flixgang is like a place where gang of friends can enjoy the content. very good

This is quite interesting and I would try it out. Thanks for sharing

Looks nice and exciting. I will try it to see how it works. Great one

Wow! I didn't know this type of app but now I know that how I connect with my Netflix friends.

Great, this will eliminate the headache of which movie to watch on netflix

Netflex is a major platform to watch high rated movies and series, I hope there is an option on the netflex to watch the movies with friends too.

Flixgang lets Netflix users to share a chart of friends top picks with an interesting theme, thanks for sharing.

Great hunt dear friend
This is really great tool that can help us in finding friends top picks.
Thanks for sharing with us.

This app is amazing . I will also use this app to connect with my Netflix friends. Great hunt!

It's always fun getting recommendations for what movie or series to watch next, especially from friends who share some of the same tasts. This way you get introduced to a wider choice.

by checking on different friends pick list we can choose the person who's interest are same as yours so you can enjoy the movie

Wow! What a great app you have searched. I have seen many types of apps like this but this is so good as we can easily able to connect with our friends on netlfix and can do a lot of things. Great Hunt!

With your friends, you can share the same movie. Netflix help you to watch latest movie availabe.