CryptoCities - Fast-Growing Strategy Game on the Ethereum blockchain

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Fast-Growing Strategy Game on the Ethereum blockchain


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CryptoCities started like one of the many crypto collectable asset games on the Ethereum blockchain. It's different in that it's one of the most steadily growing community with strong and constant development by the founders.

The developers recently added Gold and a Capture/Battle system to supplement the existing system of owning cities/territories. Let's face it; simply owning cities/territories doesn't mean much even if it's a tradeable asset on the Ethereum blockchain. But CryptoCities is slowly developing into a platform with a strong strategy game elemtn.

Also, future release of an API will allow for third-party game development that makes use of the existing assets as well, thus making any owned asset more valuable!



Hunter: @tarachan99

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  • Seems fun
  • Lots of other players


  • Risky to buy and hold on to cities?

Keep up the hunt!
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Yesterday we have a Crypto country by @chronocrypto now we have Crypto cities this is really something. I really wonder what would be next on the block chain technology.

Anyhow here's my review on this hunt.


  • This is a strategy game which will help you think on what city you would buy or conquer ( Though you will need some ETH to buy one still )
  • It has a fatigue feature so you cannot grind cities if all day. You will still need to rest a little bit in that way you can be stronger when you attack.
  • They use Metamask for transactions


  • Tried searching for my city but it doesn't show yet ( I want to be a mayor too! ) They only have Quezon City in our country as of now.
  • I don't see any other cons aside from that.

Pros :

  • Controls real town, cities and villages
  • Interesting game play
  • Compete with other players

Cons :

  • Need to purchase before playing


  • The concept of the game is very attractive, the whole game develops little by little, which guarantees long-term stability.
  • Possibility of generating income through the game.
  • It makes the brain think.
  • Use metamask
  • Anyone can be part of the game.


  • there is no counter for this game

has a crypto theme
multiple players

none for me

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