Muggo - The Smart Heated Travel Mug

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The Smart Heated Travel Mug



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Smart mug that keeps the ideal temperature of the drink

Coffee or tea will be at least 5 hours warm.

Constantly monitor the temperature of coffee or tea is uncomfortable, especially at work. I just made it, but it's already cooled in a cup on the table. In the cold season this happens very quickly and is very irritating.

Muggo will watch over your drink and will not let it cool down. Moreover, with the help of a touch-sensitive LED-screen you can specify the exact temperature that the device will keep inside, in the range from 35 to 65 ° C.

The mug works from a battery, which is securely attached by a magnet from below. The charge level shows the LED indicator. The battery capacity is 4800 mAh. This is enough to keep the temperature at 45 ° C for 5 hours.

Developers made a double stand for wireless charging, which connects to a power source via USB. On it, you can charge the batteries individually or leave the cups entirely.



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