Cabriovelo - Versatile Convertible E-Bicycle Car

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Versatile Convertible E-Bicycle Car



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Hi, green people! I found an amazing vehicle today and I think this is very much interesting product want a convertible electric bicycle? Introducing the Cabriovelo is a new type of e-bicycle car it's a human-powered vehicle to be aerodynamics.

Technical Detail:

Length: 280cm, Height: 130cm, Weight: 45kg, Width: 75cm, Wheelbase: 160cm, Seat Height: 50cm, Turning circle: 3m, Range: 100 km or more


The Cabriovelo protects the driver from weather conditions, as it's convertible too it have a electric motor to make uphill, travel easy and fast. It has a real trunk plenty of space for any loading purpose, it comes from lights blinkers and horn the eye level is comparable to cars for ultimate safety.


Price: $4,365



Hunter: @toffer

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Pros and Cons
-E-bikes are future ubran travelling vehicles
-Compact and energy efficient

-Not as good as a general E-bike, in terms of space utilities

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Thanks mod @joannewong for verifying my hunt today :)

Maybe it needs to be installed AC as well, for hot areas it will be quite draining too sweaty and will be the center of attention, so I will need a full face helmet lol, #kidding.
By the way, its cool product, keep hunt!

The world can always use more velomobiles (especially convertible ones like this one). I'm not sure it would be legal to carry a child to school in that section of the vehicle in my country (I'd need to get a professional opinion) but maybe I'd need to see it up close. I hope they get enough funding to go into production.

Hi @ toffer, attractive hunting.
This bike - the car is great looking and functional in driving.
Partially protects against weather disasters.
When the bad weather this Cabriovelo is in the garage.
Such vehicles are great for people.
They are ecologically acceptable, people are driving them and maintaining their health (health) in a more interesting way than running for example.
It can be used for a nice run to go to work, in the store, the real good thing.

Good luck with hunting.

I would like to see more of these vehicles and see them on the roads. I would like to see a great gain in terms of traffic both in nature and in traffic. The appearance of the road is also a quality vehicle and I like it very much.AMAZING HUNT :)

Nice Hunt!

  • its convertible giving you a sense of spaciousness.
  • It also covers up to protect you from the weather.
  • It is electric and eco-friendly


  • None for this hunt

Looks quite funky, however, I could not get the price on the site, the pre-order takes to the crowd funding page, from where did you get the price ? I feel the price you quoted, is little higher.

is quite beautiful, with a simple but efficient design, this great electric vehicle takes a step forward in terms of making things easier for us on the road, is great the simplicity and efficiency that this product presents us, is an excellent hunting.

This is cute and very light product for sure. I hope it will evolve in to more automatic like, it covers automatically when transforming into car or vice versa.

another great hunt from @toffer. It is expensive but looking very new with the new design. Keep hunting @toffer,

The innovative idea of the bicycle is nice but its still a byke also easy to use is one of the advantages

It's amazing how I see different bikes these days .and this bikes makes lots of sense.
But the price is killing!!!

wow, this bicycle looks fun and stylish. This is also suitable for inter city travel. it offer a lot of convenience and comfort. cheers for the hunt.

This e-bike is very interesting. It seems great to be able to change depending on the weather and mood.

Hi @toffer good hunt. Now this makes me wonder why did this not happen earlier. Even with normal bikes, why did we not make a lightweight bike that could offer people some cover from rain or cold. This being an ebike is even brilliant. It can be slightly heavier and still be easier to ride. Heavy means added safety. Really good hunt.

should this still be called a bicycle?
just say i bought a mini sport car (lol)
Nice hunt friend

this is a very wonderful products that i would really love to have because it has beautiful features which i like and would make me to be able to move from one place to another,i also like the fact that the product is not very expensive

Wow this has left me with my mouth literally open it is sensational a bicycle cart is lovely good hunting friend

This I love, I like it to be open to enjoy the environment and can be closed to protect from the rain or the weather is great

beautiful. but it would have been better if it was 2 people.

WOW WOW super impressed by your hunt @toffer! I see myself driving this rari:)) Awesome design plus the top on/off gets a trophy!

I dunno tho if they even make them, the crowdfund was over in 2016 and their site did not update too much. I will send them an email, to see what price can I get.


@toffer, you always find the coolest thing and this e bike looks cool and one I would like to try out because it looks efficient and I like the convertible look. Great hunt here.

wow! its small but very smart. Nice hunting.

Wow, I think this product is very cool. designs and shapes are very attractive. this will look really cool if I can have it.

vote guaranteed

cool hunting, your hunting is always cool, one of the cabriovelo makes it easier for users to travel, easier to use than motorbikes, I honestly want to have it

Yeah! and I think this is more safer than motorcycle. BTW thanks for your wonderful feedback. :)


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The Cabriovelo looks pretty cool; although it looses it coolness when the top is on.

Listening to the voice in the video, I think it is Spanish, so the top can stay down in their own home country, most of the time :)

I wonder how it will be possible to take children to school, as the guy in the video mentioned; It is a one-seater.

But that said, the design is made ergonomical, the power comes from a super green source (the human), the vehicle is stable, allows higher speeds and has a very short turning circle, and comes in a great colour.