LOMPLI - First Compressible Lampshade For Your Mobile Phone Light

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First Compressible Lampshade For Your Mobile Phone Light



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Here is an amazing accessory for your phone that you can bring anywhere it can make your phone as a lampshade perfect for a romantic dinner your loved ones.

Introducing the LOMPLI a portable and foldable lampshade it is work and compatible for any kind of smartphone today unlike the built-in flashlight in our phone this lampshade gives you a clever light. The design is super elegant perfect for outdoor activities, reading and to your room.


Suitable for every mobile phone
Durable and resistent
Portable and translucent
High quality materials
Eco Friendly




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Sometimes I need lighting when I eat something on the mat with people outside in the evening. This is good because I can make good lighting from the flashlight on my smartphone.

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I'm not too sure about the €25 price tag. The product itself is a great design with some real utility. I guess the value will depend on how often you will need a lamp. I can just turn on the light in my room. But when it comes to a rechargeable light, people don't always have them fully charged. Turning your smartphone into lamp can be a great help to them.

Great finding dear friend
This lamshade has many amazing features like it is compatible with all smartphones and it is foldable. It will be really helpfull for the outdoor activities.
Thanks for sharing with us.

My son love phone torch. I'm guessing what he may gonna do if he finds this. hahaha...
It's surely a nice thing and can be very useful also.
Nice find!

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