Calorie Tracker - An Intelligent Fitness and Calorie Tracking Assistant

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Calorie Tracker

An Intelligent Fitness and Calorie Tracking Assistant



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Calorie Tracker is your intelligent calorie and fitness tracking assistant. Calorie Tracker is intelligent, it learns your exercise habits, water balance, eating habits, activity levels and make process with its Artificial Intelligence. With its monitoring system you get daily energy expenditure spreadsheets and calculators.


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This time of covid-19 health is na important part of our life.

Good one to manage calorie and work better for fitness. nice hunt

Good one to manage
Calorie and work better
For fitness. nice hunt

                 - alokkumar121

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Seems a nice tracker for your health so you can easily take care of your health with this app nice find

Losing weight is literally about burning more calories that you take in. If you can track how many calories you burn in exercise, you can ensure that it is always a bit more than you eat, to lose fat.

anything that makes health and fitness priority is always good and I like this hunt


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