CCROV DRONE - Explore your underwater

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Explore your underwater



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Hello hunter, I am @tornad and welcome to drone world hunting camp, Today I will introduce the underwater robot, Which is known as the CCROV, It can help you to explore your underwater, The dimension of this robot is dimension about 208x204x158mm. It has a 4k CAMERA & 720P REAL, 100 METERS DIVING DEPTH and It can move everywhere to watch the situation underwater,



First of all, It has a 4K cam and can diving 100 meters It has also an FPV goggles and headset. It is used in many fields such as fishing, tourism, sailing, diving and underwater photography.



Hunter: @tornad

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Great Hunt. Thank you for introducing a good product. I have upvoted your post as a reward for your efforts. I will wait your next hunt.

Wow @tornad! You never fail us to bring the most innovative work of drone products in steemhunt! Really amazing, hunters like you will be make steemhunt successful! Keep it up dude!

Thanks @themanualbot I try my best. And I am finding some amazing drones so please support me,

Divers who do deep water exploration and photography will find this gadget very useful.

Water proof gadgets are becoming a huge success over the past five years, it started with phones but had slowly trickled up to larger gadgets.

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Something different in the world of drones


  • great resolution
  • 100M depth
  • FPV google control
  • powerful lights


  • would be creepy at the beach
  • it is tethered

An underwater robot or should I call it drone. The world is really advancing. It will be of great use for water divers even underwater tourists. And a lot help for marine researchers

I would like to have one from this underwater drone. This is what i need exactly but i have no money to buy it unfortunately (yeah a bit expensive) It can be used for fishing, to watch their daily/monthly/yearly moves and behaivors.

Pros and Cons
-Very awesome way to take underwater shots
-Looks quite robust

-Limited by the wiring, and possibility of jamming by sea plant/ rocks

As you might know, you get me to like your post if it's about innovation, electric device or a drone. This one really got my attention, love it, but am wondering why they made it square? There is no reason for it to be square. Wouldn't it be better to go underwater with a different shape?

Great hunt, layout and informative!

Keep it up! Hopefully I see more of your hunts @tornad

Why does the drone has a cable? Is it not remote controlled via electromagnetic waves? A cable would be very limiting for any kind of drone.

Hi @ tornad, this is a very interesting hunt.
It is very important that the device is small in size and mobile.
And when it gives excellent visibility images we have a full hit!!

Application is wide:

  • aquaculture research
  • yachts, sailboats etc.
  • search and rescue
  • underwater photography
  • diving
  • fishing (looking where the fish is)
  • tourism
  • education
  • fun

What has a "wiring" is a limiting factor but a "skilful" steering wheel can reduce it to a minimum level (you can check the route before you let your dron in action ...).

Good luck with hunting.


This will actually reduced the risk posed to divers when they take a dive under water. They could easily substitute with this sometimes. It could be used for documentaries since it has a 4k resolution

What really got my interest is the qualify of the image. It is so matured, beautiful and pronounce. I love this drone also because it has Fpv google and headset, 4k cam and host of others. Will be an addition if i can get hands on this


This device can be called an underwater drone because it enables you to get a better and bigger view of what is happening under the water

The device can be used to monitor whatever we want to monitor under the sea,it works well and it has great features that makes it unteresting to use

the device has good quality camera that lets you get indepth details when using it



I love the sea a lot, therefore, I love this product. It provides an opportunities for us to explore the sea without diving in it. But I am worry about how long can it record and how depth can it go. And I believe that explore the sea by diving is a more exciting experience.

Excellent hunt, man! I'll leave you my opinion about this drone:


  • The 4K camera is its most important feature. A good camera is always crucial for marine documentation and this little friend has it.
  • It is compact and its flashlight system greatly aids visualization.
  • Whether you're fond of marine life or just want to take pictures underwater for fun, this portable device is perfect.


  • Only 100 meters of cable. It is good for recreational activities, but in case of professional documentation 100 meters is a very small area to move around.

giphy (5).gif

Your hunt is great one, thanks for posting.


  • It is portable.

  • It is waterproof.

  • It is flexible.

  • It helps to take the virtual view of marine world.

  • It is easy to operate.

A perfect invention for underwater shooting. The documentary can be filmed. Camera HD. The depth of 100 meters is really great. Can be used for fishing.

This drone is really good, no need of putting lives in danger for under water exploration, its a good hunt @tornad

The price was a bit pricey. But you can make professional shots underwater. It can be hard to wrap a 100-meter cable. This dron is designed for underwater.

@tornad , this is certainly a great hunt to take videos and pictures of the underwater world. Looks small enough as it is portable. Good battery life there. I like the flashlight to help with the direction movement. Cool.

great hunt @tornad

  • It has a 4k camera
  • It can be used for exploring underwater creatures
  • It has a diving depth of 100m

None for this one i rate it 10

Great hunt @tornad

A great product that can be used for many purposes. It can be used for many purposes such as fishing, underwater photography, search and rescue, underwater inspection. These products can make you feel like a diver under water. It also has a remote control and can be controlled from the smart device.

First of all I like this drone because it has a small size and can be taken anywhere. The image quality is very good and you can take beautiful pictures that reach 100 m depth. I would use it on holidays. Because it has 6 thrusters and 5 different degrees
freedom, it can be moved very easily in different directions.

Another plus is real-time transmission of photos and videos through cable.

After you finish the work, you can collect the cable easily and quickly with a special tether deploy system.

I think everyone would like a drone : D

"I would use it on holidays" ? This is a 4.5K USD toy!

The last thing I would do would be to waste 4.5K USD on this if going on holidays. I agree that it is an amazingly interesting toy to play with, but still more indicated for research than for leisure. Unless you are rich... and in that case, you can just buy a submarine instead =)

Thanks @allesia, I like your comment.

What??? A drone that can explore the underwater world. This is the best hunt of the day. It is useful for underwater photographer/videographer. It has 4k resolution, definitely can shoot a lot of beautiful things down there. How about the price?

Really interesting post, keep the hunting up

Droon is a very valuable in our daily day life droon are avialable in many things for example camera aeroplane we can do many works with the help of droon we can make the movie in the marrages very easily

Excellent hunting @tornad, this drone helps to explore with good resolution the marine nature at 100 meters, excellent design, technology every day advances more, happy hunting.


It would be great to explore underwater with this drone. Great images will be obtained with 4k camera.

Great Hunt. Good luck.

I love it has a very nice design and its color is striking. It would be fantastic to see it in action also I like it as it reaches a good depth good hunting

Droon camera is a 4 k resolution and many features are available in it in 100 meter depth we can capture the pic result of this camera is very h d

Droon is a very valuable in our daily day life droon are avialable in many things for example camera aeroplane we can do many works with the help of droon we can make the movie in the marrages very easily

It's very interesting item! I think it's very useful fir divers.

Droon is a very valuable in our daily day life droon are avialable in many things for example camera aeroplane we can do many works with the help of droon we can make the movie in the marrages very easily

same comment doble time What is this ?

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Wait, diving drone?! It's really good idea! Hope it can be a good alternative for GoPro. If it has more the depth of field than GoPros, it can be perfect for me! Thank you for this good hunt.

please vote me

Droon is a very valuable in our daily day life droon are avialable in many things for example camera aeroplane we can do many works with the help of droon we can make the movie in the marrages very easily

Wow excellent hunt, It's very useful for all. Thank you for this quality hunt.

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