Flyboard Air™ - The jet powered personal aerial vehicle, by Zapata

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Flyboard Air™

The jet powered personal aerial vehicle, by Zapata



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Hello, I am @tornad and I will introduce an innovative Flying vehicle, which is called Flyboard Air. The Zapata© technology platform is the safest, easiest, and lightest, You can easily rife on it. You can install a lot more power into a confined space. and More efficient in turning chemical energy into thrust.

Intuitive Flight Controls

Consolidation of Thrust

Turbine Engines



Hunter: @tornad

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This looks so sick! Makes me feel like we are living in the future. Even Marty McFly would be impressed.

Being a boards sports guy, I am sure I would really enjoy riding this one!

Epic hunt!

Thanks, for looking my hunt,

Another excellent job in hunting cool products @tornad! So happy for you! :)

thank you, @themanualbot

This is super awesome! You can now experience what is the feeling of how to fly! Technology nowadays is super cool for having this kind of idea! Congratulations on your great hunt!

Amazing hunt mate. That hunt looks like it cames from back to future movie :)) I wish I had one and go to work with it it could be awesome :)) But I couldnt find any information about price of it. Do you have any idea ?

woooo, this is really cool, i can't wait for those thing to be cheaper and get one, the futuristic world is here now, thank you very much for your hunt~

Wow ... I just can say this ... This is crazily awesome ... Great technology ... So cool of you to bring it to steemhunt here .. I am marvelled

Great hunt @tornad

A product that will give you a great flight experience. It is easy to learn and does not require pilot training. Driving the Flyboard Air will be a lot of fun. Great shows can be done.

I need one of these! This looks so much fun! First I thought it is the one using the water as power source, but this one is even cooler, you really fly! @tornad

Great layout and informative post @tornad Enjoy your day!

This is sooo F*&^ing cool. This is definitely going on my wishlist for Christmas this year. I need to be a good boy so Santa brings me it. If Santa for some reason refuses to, how much will this badboy cost me? Do I need to take training lessons and do I need a special parking permit?

This vehicle is amazing and cool.
I think it would be difficult to control so I am worried about that it could hurt a lot of peopel. But this is awesome hunting :)

Woow it looks like a Sci-Fi movie. I must be real fun to use it. Maybe in the future it can be used as many as bicycle. There is always a danger of falling but i think it will need a licience to be used. Great hunt! thanks

Wow I mean what do you even say? This is a dream come true for a lot of people. The ability to fly in this manner over land tens of feet in the air must be an amazing feeling and experience.

I don't think it's available for the masses yet but just the fact that even such product is operational is amazing.

It's really cool!! Is it real? I can't believe it. I think a lot of movie scenes will come true. I'd like to commute using it. Thank you for sharing!!

There you go a living goblin there, love this technology.I do think it would be difficult to master but what if we use it in theme or amusement parks under controlled environments to make things easier and safe. I am sure people will love the simulation and would be happy to pay for it.

Woop woop, congratulations for the coolest hunt ever. Who doest want to fly? I mean, this looks crazyly scary and unsafe but totally worth a try!

Pros and Cons
-Personal flying device, how cool is that
-No more traffic jam for some of us

-Limited flight time
-Failure means gravity caused injuries

Could you please add "by Zapata" to your short description of the product field, so it is easily recognizable/searchable?


Wow ! Ironman got competition:) I thought this was not even possible with current technology, this is a jaw dropping Hunt !

unnamed (1).gif
Your hunt is wonderful.


  • It makes traveling very easy and fast.

  • You can learn it very easy.

  • It saves time, and you can board on it any time as there no more road issues like traffic jam, car breal down on the road.

Thanks for posting on the steemhunt. keep up with your wonderful hunt.

Wow this is AMAZING!
Although I suspect the noise would prohibit playing in crowded spaces. It does have mini jet engines after all.

It's not going to be for everyday consumers.

Although eventually i can see it being turned into an Extreme Games event or something similar.

Nice find!

Awesome hunt @tornad ! Technology is quiet impressive nowadays, talking about this one, cool features were made.
Pros :

  • easy to learn
  • efficiency
  • the design is cool, built for a human body
  • an ease of traveling
  • stability of the person to balance
  • i can't find cons on this one, the product is the coolest among any flyboards.

How do you know these stuff!!! Have you flown one? Can you base your pros on real facts/proof? Otherwise please avoid making comments on something you do not know about. It makes you look less credible.

sorry for replying late, i based it on its website. try to check it for your own good :) thanks !

It does not make sense when you put it like you did, because some of the pros and cons do NOT apply to the hole product, but only to "parts" of it. That's why I was trying to sort of, "understand" how you base your comments.

Wouldn't it take specialized skills to master this ? By seeing the video only I am scared :)
And I tried to locate the dealer in India, and it shows a phone number with country code of France with a mail id, that certainly does not help.

It is really amazing technology. I watched a video about Flyboad before on TV. And now i am looking at this great innovation on steemhunt. Really great hunt.

A very cool and awesome product.
Travelling to another country without a plane or jet will become reality now :D
I guess even car or motorcycle is not needed anymore.

I would really love to try this out. This will definitely give the feeling of flying. Waterways are the best places to try it out though! Nice hunt!

The perfect hunt. I'm not going to join the safe part but lightweight product. It's flying in the air. There is always a danger of falling.

excellent and we can fly with the flyboard air, a cool and great product with this we are closer to


I Had a dream of flying in the air like Super Man, Spider Man, Iron man when i was a kid, but that wasn't possible at that time, but now I can see that it is possible By the amazing product By Zapata. It is easy to handle, Can give you real feeling of flying. It is safest as the company says. This device is perfect to make my dream come true.

It is very cool. You can fly on the sky with this board. And it is very fun and exciting to play with. Can't imagine if this product become popular and everyone are flying in the sky. But I am quite worry about the safety.

Its one of the best hunt for today. Flying is something that everybody wants. If it becomes a commen thing the mobility will improve. But there are rules on some countries and you need a licence be you fly even if its a drone. Thanks for the hunt!

Wow, this is an awesome hunt! The closest I've seen in the past is those water boards that can blast up in the air but they have a huge pipe to thrust them out of the water. This looks way more slick. Love it. Want one!


  • great and sophisticated

  • safe when boarded

  • very nice


  • none

Wow.. Nice hunt @tornad!

I like the design. Very interesting!

The jet engine makes lots of noise.

Great Hunt @tornad. The speed of the Flyboard Air™ is very fast, I want to ride this and take experience about flying. I wait for your next hunt. You are the good hunter.

@tornad, this flyboard air looks lots of fun but really need to be careful and stay in balance when landing. The twist and turns look wild but need to take lessons to go easy on this. Cool hunt.

Holy cow dude! We're getting close to Marty Mcfly Times. Wish I had the money to buy it.

Wow! This is super cool. Having this technology in the Philippines can cause less traffic. I hope it will :D

This is an amazing introduction of this phenomenal product with many features. Such as making summer or life more fun and enjoyable, I simply love it.

Yo man! This looks amazing, hope it works as amazing as it looks though because i would love to float too on the air.
Awesome technology, it looks neat and cool

Awesome man such a fabulous technology..... I m totally impressed this great product....I will watch video...great design...great lighting....battery is so powerful... Man wearing helmet for sefety.....such a nice hunt thanks for sharing this sir...

The product is so cool, it's nice, designed for people who want to live their life to the fullest, easy to learn but pretty dangerous. :)

oh my

Wow. I must say this the best hunt I have seen so far.
Cool hunt 🚀🚀

i would love a blast around on one of these tbh! :)

Every day I am amazed as the technology advances in a great way and quickly modernizing each product according to our needs, this time we are talking about Flyboard, a large personal air vehicle, with individual mobility and jet-propelled. Did you know that Zapata was the safest personal aviation system in the world? The most relevant thing about Zapata is the use of turbine engines on conventional electric propellers. Nobody has managed to look like Zapata!


  • It is really cool
  • Nice stuff to play in summer
  • It is easy to use
  • I would prefer to rent it then buy it

Hi @ tornada, this is really an unusual but always interesting hunt.
As children we thought about how to fly like a bird.
This device approaches us with these imaginings.
It is difficult for a human to ever fly "elegantly" as a bird because we are not easy (no hollow bones) and we is not built for a fly.
This device uses our intuitive balance, which is good for a fly to work with the machine.
Perfomance are good and they are especially concerned about the safety that is actually - most important.
The engines are independent, can fly with one engine, and if they both cancel -it will certainly, come down!
The flyer has constant fuel control, breakdowns, altitude and flight speed - is good.
Anyway Ikar would be proud of his students.

Good luck with hunting.

Thank you,

WOW ! Its such a Like good machine.
This Hunt is the World Most famous and Enjoyable technology.
Great Hunt Dear!

this product really amazed me. flying in the air that awesome.

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The mark of a great man is one who knows when to set aside the important things in order to accomplish the vital ones. Wonderful that is you boss..

I would really like it to go public 😁

Finally !!! We'll be flying with this product like an Iron Man...

ready to take off with the Flyboard Air with full control on my hand and leg

great hunt

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This product solves the dream of flying in the sky. Thank you for sharing.

This product solves the
Dream of flying in the sky.
Thank you for sharing.

                 - ilovemylife

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Awesome hunt by @tornad I can the future transport here.

Awesome hunt!

Very nice. Though I am a tech guy yet you explained it pretty easily so that even a layman like myself can get a hang of it. Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing you more from you.

Wonderful product. I really would like to have experience with it :)

Wow @tornad this thing really exist! It so exciting to know. Great hunt!

Amazing post thanks

This is incredible ... Wow the era of the supersonic is here. Excellent hunting I love this type of hunting very innovative congratulations.

This is amazing. I am surprised to see this vehicle that make you fly over the ground. But I don't how he is balancing his body in air.


this lovely flying vehicle can be used to travel to anywhere you want because the device has features that enables you to achieve that

the flying vehicle has a beautiful design and it was created in a way that you can understand the features when you put your mind into it deligently

the vehicle is efficient and you can learn how to use it without stress

the vehicle is innovative and creative


i do not have any for this device

This is a great technology.

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