NBA 2K19 - It's a basketball simulation video game

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NBA 2K19

It's a basketball simulation video game



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NBA 2K19 This basketball game is developed by the company Visual concepts and published by 2K Sports. This video game will go on sale in September 2018 for the following consoles:
Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4,
Xbox One ,
and also for smart phones, IOS and Androit.

Its estimated price is $ 59 for the standard version and $ 99 for the 20th anniversary version.



Hunter: @torrealbapeter

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I love this type of game, as a good fan that I am from the video games of basketball, I will look forward to it.

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my husband loves to play this type of basketball game, and his birthday is in October, I know I can give him a gift, really thank you very much for sharing.

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