Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 - This new delivery of pes 19 will bring us many innovative

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

This new delivery of pes 19 will bring us many innovative



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This soccer game Pro Evolution Soccer was announced on May 9, 2018 and its release date is August 28, 2018 in America on August 30, 2018. At this time is when this game will go on sale, these are the platforms where we can enjoy this game: PC, Xbox One, Ps4, forgetting the previous versions that are xbox 360, ps3, this game has 3 versions, the standard edition, the David Beckham edition and the legend edition, the last one we can only find in digital format, the demo version of this game will have online that is fantastic since Pes's previous deliveries did not have online.

Cons of Pes 19

UEFA license is lost

The 2nd divisions of Spain and Italy are lost

Pros of Pes 19

New Leagues

New myClub


Realistic season of Master League

Most accurate and realistic player development

4K HDR support.



Hunter: @torrealbapeter

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This game would be ideal for my children since they are football fans, has very good graphics and their players are real. Good hunting great. Congratulations

PES will always be one of the best games in the history of consoles, this 2019 edition adds great graphics, lots of animations and almost realistic aspects to the star players. The bad news: they don't have the UEFA Champions League and continue to lose league licenses. EA Sports' FIFA takes the lead again.

Thanks for share this hunt!

It's a pity they lost their license and some league had to be removed as a result of that but I still think it'll be a good game...

excellent brother, this is a game that I am eager to play, I played some of the previous versions and I liked it, thanks for sharing.

Awesome hunt @torrealbapeter,

Best football game of all time, right from the days of winning eleven I've been a strong fan. It is unfortunate that they lost their champions league license.

Damn, it's so saddening that Pro Evolution soccer lost it's UEFA licence to FIFA. too bad. Many of my friends had moved over to FIFA including myself. Great hunt btw.

Good hunt my friend!I am realy exciting with this product!I play pro evolution over 15 years and every year i wait for the new one!Keep good hunt!

This is something I'd definitely wanna play, the HDR quality would make it so much fun.

Wow .. My love for pes is much I am still enjoying my 17' here .. Can't wait tit get this one as well .. Great hunt cool fella


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