Extinction - Looking for a new game this 2018?

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Looking for a new game this 2018?



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This is a really ambitious game that kinda looks like an arcade version of the movement in Assassin's Creed along side fighting giant ogres.


Now to me the appeal of this game is the fact that this ogres will be able to be attacked in various ways. The most enticing of which I think is lapping of their massive building size limbs.


The game was built around the strategy of attempting to take one of this things down and well it may sound odd for the developer's of killer instinct to decide that this is what they want to do but honestly it looks incredibly high-quality and very interesting and original.

It was released to PS4 Xbox one and PC last April so I highly suggest to check this one out if you want to try out new games this year.

Just a heads up this game is full of gore, violence and head chopping actions. So better not play this with kids around.

#### Watch the game's trailer




Hunter: @trishy


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  • Available for xbox, PS4 and PC
  • Great trailer production
  • The game looks interesting with good graphics


  • Nothing for this

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This game looks amazing! Definitely a lot of fun!


  • Story sounds interesting
  • Good graphis are shown


  • Not for PS4

Maybe I'll get it for the PC, when I get a new one

Ooops! sorry bout that. It is actually available for PS4. That was just a typo error. haha already fixed it.

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This is a great hunt that you made there @trishy. Below are my personal opinion toward this hunt.


  • One of the main goal of this game is to protect the people from enemies
  • Countless of missions and challenges
  • You can challenge players that are online
  • Having a breathtaking animations that a player will adore this game


  • None so far for this hunt

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