Gamedex - Crypto-collectibles blockchain platform

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Crypto-collectibles blockchain platform



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Gamedex is a platform for trading and purchasing crypto-collectibles.

However unlike other blockchain crypto-collectible platforms, GameDex also offers a gaming platform to play the games that you might collect cards for.

Gamedex has their own token, the GDX, that can be used to purchase your crypto-collectible cards, allowing (they hope) for teenagers and developing countries without credit cards to get involved.

They're setting up smart contracts so that all trading is done without a third party to handle the transaction (for a small fee of course). The cards are sent to escrow until both parties are happy that the smart contract has been filled, and then the cards are released. It's exactly what the system needs to be.

They reckon the collectibles market will be a $370 Billion industry... I'm doubtful, but if they're right, Gamedex might be perfectly placed.



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Great friend hunting, in fact I think that the collectible market is left in the amount you mention but there is a parallel market that is not so legal that quintuples that number so Gamadex could be the future of the exchange of collectibles, I also like very much about the Smart contracts to secure the buyer's money and the seller's merchandise.

Thanks @alejandrofz, you're right... there is capacity for nefarious exchanges here... but blockchain can be immutable (if it's not anonymous) so that might scare away the non-legal crowd. Great comment! Thank you so much!

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Wow, I really like good platforms to trade. Thanks for this hunt


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