The Six Dragons - Single Player RPG using Enjin's wallet for items

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The Six Dragons

Single Player RPG using Enjin's wallet for items



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Hunter's comment

This is exactly the kind of blockchain tech that I think will be the secret to mass adoption in the cryptocurrency space... applications where the users don't even know or care that they're using blockchain technology.

Six Dragons could potentially allow gamers to work for others by crafting or enchanting items for them, and getting paid in tokens...

The player’s old consumables and materials will be used to replenish the pool as new drops or in-game activities, creating a self-sustaining economy focused on enchanting and crafting in the world.

It's a single player game, but players can band together to fight mega-bosses. Will this be our new workplace?


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I saw the game in one of the articles that never bothered to mention any of the games on STEEM. I haven't paid much attention to Enjin before and realized that it was built for blockchain games. There are already many games being developed and I'm no very interested about it. I still don't know how they are going to handle scaling issues.

The reduced costs should help the developers make bigger and better games with a smaller funding. These are still very early games. i think they'll end up mostly just getting people interested in crypto. Not a huge RPG fan. But more developments regarding earning opportunities wil really get my attention.

They are still really very early... a lot of blockchain games really feel like it's back to the early internet days, but it's still a very young industry and it's exciting to see what will come next.

This game actually looks pretty good. Could it be the first really good blockchain game that brings major adoption to crypto?? I'm gunna do some research but the video has me excited so far lol :)) Thanks for the hunt!!

It definitely looks like a step above the usual crypto-collectible games. I don't think this will be the one to bring mass adoption, but I do think it's an important step into the next game that might bring the masses. Basically for a blockchain game to really work, it needs to be as good or better than what is already out there, and do things normal games can't... like pay you for playing.

Wao amazing find. I m big fan of blockchain games. Single player game become very popular technology going to much fast day by day. Technology helps you to spend your life become easy and enjoyable. Sometime you feeling bore playing this type of games and spend your time become happy. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks @asadchughtai! I've hunted a few crypto games... but this is honestly the first one that I felt like I could really get into. I don't really have time for an RPG, but I honestly really liked a lot of what I saw when I was researching this. I've always been fascinated by ingame economies, but finally we might be seeing a true crossover between game and real life. Thanks for your comment! I really appreciate it!

Thats amazing find. Really intresting game. Crafting with your own desire and

materials will be used to replenish the pool as new drops or in-game activities

potentially gamers are allowed to craft for other for enhancing the features will help to make your reward bigger. Thats just because of the blockchain technology. Definetly a big reward is also waiting for your contribution.

And I think that's the real strength behind this game! If you put the time in, and craft something really special, then other players will pay you for it and you're essentially earning a wage for doing something you'd be doing anyway!

It is really amazing to see these developments. We could see a lot similar things from STEEM. I may be wrong, but I do think STEEM was the first to use the wallet transactions for games instead of smart contracts. I think will end up being a lot like this with 3D graphics and interesting game play.

I still think they should make some cheaper chests. thee should be something for at least the value of $5 instead of just $25 and $50 which is large for young kid like me who still haven't seen a full fledged product. Awesome Hunt BTW :)

Thank you! It is strange isn't it. One of the amazing things about crypto is being able to handle a lot of really tiny transactions. A bank doesn't want to process a trillion transactions worth $0.01 each, but crypto can do it easily.

That's the power of automation!

I will have to admit that blockxhain based games are wonderful and interesting to play. This kind of games are always a way for me to spare my time.
Thank you for the lovely hunt.

Absolutely! If you're going to play any games in your spare time, ones that might earn you something should totally be at the top of the list!

Wow! What a amazing game for Single Player RPG battle game. I have seen many types RPG games but their graphics are not good and they sometimes are out of server, Now you have searched this game we can enjoy playing with RPG games. Using this we are not at all bored and we can enjoy a lot and we become very happy playing this.
Actually I found this very good technology. thanks for sharing.... great hunting. @urbangladiator

Haha, thank you! Yes, I think the early blockchain games were trying to make each action in the game a blockchain transaction. This game runs like a normal game, with a normal inventory, but that inventory is hooked up to the blockchain. It's a smart way to do it because it means that the actual game can be as fast as the devs like.

The Six Dragons is an Open World RPG that features a huge Procedurally Generated World of 64km2, 1 Billion Randomly Generated Dungeons

That is amazing...An I agree with every word you said about mass adoption of cryptos. That game is like a leap in blockchain gaming.
I have got to check it out:)

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