VIGOR GK40 Combo - GK40 Gaming Keyboard and CLUTCH GM10 Gaming Mouse

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VIGOR GK40 Combo

GK40 Gaming Keyboard and CLUTCH GM10 Gaming Mouse



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What’s up hunters?

Today, I’ll be presenting to you this gaming gear from MSI.

The VIGOR GK40 Combo


This combo is compose of the GK40 Gaming Keyboard and the Clutch GM10 Gaming Mouse.

The GK40 Gaming Keyboard.


What’s interesting about this gear from MSI?

You can set the outlook of the keyboard by picking from millions of colors and numerous light effect via MSI Mystic Light. Enjoy the stunning RGB show that to be synchronize with other RGB parts. It also gives gamers an outstanding responsive feeling with each keystroke this is because of the feature called Mechanical-Like Feel. The GK40 Gaming Keyboard also has the hotkeys for Multimedia, so gamers can easily control the volume and playback options to enjoy the gameplay without using a mouse to open any software. About the Anti-Ghosting Capability, this keyboard has up to 20 different keys with anti-ghosting proficiencies without any struggle during game time. Water Repellent, Ergonomic Design, and Gaming Mode Key are other features of this GK40 Gaming Keyboard.

The CLUTCH GM10 Gaming Mouse


Let’s go on the features and overview of this gaming mouse.

The awesome Clutch GM10 is constructed by ergonomic design to offer right hand gamers the utmost comfy gaming experience. It is equipped with PixArt optical sensor that gives you 4 levels of quick DPI settings without controlling software for numerous usages. It is also integrated with Anti-Slip side grips having a dragon scale texture on different sides of the mouse that allows users to retain a firm grip on the game. The quality of it, that will last for 10+ million clicks.


Overcome the Darkness as Multi-color LED backlight and Adjustable brightness takes you to a diverse style and night time functionality to your desktop.



Hunter: @vhanirving

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Hi @Vhanirving


This is my opinion about your product innovation


Technology from MSI is what will definitely make a lot of gamers using this keyboard. Because in addition to full color and light, gamers will definitely feel the experience of playing different games and with a bright color of light from this keyboard will provide a good mood so that the game increases for the better.


The price is quite expensive :) it's hard for me to have this poduk.

This is the value I give to your product

Great ! Thank you for your thoughts about my hunt @johntor

Ok no problem :)

Maniac Hunt @vhanirving

Note: This is just ”My Personal Opinion & Assessment”, not intended to “Judge” the reviews you have made.


  • Idea / Innovation
    Vigor GK40 provides super high GAMING capability.

  • Design / UI / Spec
    With customizable LED displays, this is the best keyboard and mouse for gamers.
    WOW, the total design is really cool !.

  • Features / Advantages / Benefits
    Vigor GK40 Combo has 2 times more power than keyboard and mouse on most.

  • Price
    I do not know the price yet. But this is already available in various suppliers in Indonesia.
    For those from Indonesia, please visit the following link to get the best price quote: LINK

None. I really want to have it.

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Awesome ! thank you for your thoughts !

Awesome hunt ! Your hunt is now verified.

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This is a nice keyboard that you got @vhanirving . I am hoping i could have this one. See my personal review below.

Pros :

  • It does provide you a better gaming experience with its gaming mouse and keyboard.
  • It has also some light effects which keep you on track on your keyboard's keys even if you let your lights turned off.
  • This could bring you a better and presentable input devices especially it's elegant design.

Cons :

  • This kind of keyboard and mouse are intended for gamers not preferred for normal use.

Nice hunt !
Pros :

  • The keyboard has a sleek design
  • The led backlight makes it look cool
  • Led backlight also makes it easily visible in dark

Cons :

  • This keyboard is for gaming purpose .

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