ALTO - Non-Fungible Tokenized In-Game Assets on Hashgraph

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Non-Fungible Tokenized In-Game Assets on Hashgraph



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1% of publishers accounted for 94% of all revenue and I'm sure you are not surprised. These companies spend so much money acquiring users and 2% of the pay and the rest has to deal with pay 2 win tactics which really isn't a sustainable model. Then account for the inflation (look at the history of WoW) and we have some major problems.

Interoperable Cryptoitems

What if one item can be used across multiple games. How many times do you see the games using Gold/Diamond premium currency. What if creators of those items got a commission every time they exchange hands.

ALTO has already partnered with 24 companies/projects.



Hunter: @vimukthi

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I think it's a great project, I would have liked buy the tokes, but with so many rumors about ethereum and the ERC20 tokens, I did not buy it.
Nice hunt

They have turned to Hashgraph which support solidity smartcontracts but also more powerful than EOS.


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