AirBolt - The Truly Smart Travel Lock

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The Truly Smart Travel Lock



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Hunter's comment

this time we will discuss a smart security tool for long trips namely AIRBOLT security backpacks, luggage and other bags.
This AirBolt is a unique and sophisticated security that can help you make long trips, this airbolt protects the suitcase from theft when you travel and you don't have to worry if you lose your bag or suitcase because airbolt is equipped with bluetooth to lock with your phone, you just download the application and set nyan according to your needs, if you have lost your bag or suitcase easily the application will sound alarm that is on airbolt when away from your phone and can track it via the available gps on the application, Airbolt is also available various colors and can also use the package to send to friends, friends or people we trust and you can send a password for that person as long as there is an airbolt owner and the application.
and the cheap price that you can reach because airbolt only ranges from $ 79 USD



Hunter: @vissboy

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Wow this is a great hunt, business men and others that travel alot will surely need this to protect their personal belongings.

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A true smart lock for our luggage, is a deterrent against theft, with much potential that will facilitate the trip. The last thing we want is to worry about our luggage.

Gps tracer feature is best thing of this product. Because theif can open everything if they stole it. For me the important one is to find the place where your stuff is. Its price could be around $50 cause $80 is too much to hae it.Thanks for sharing

Security is really important especially when you are out for a trip to an unknown city. This smart lock will be very useful to protect your luggage and other stuff. The connection with an app is a decent thing. This can alarm and this way you can know when someone tries to steal your bag or suitcase. I think to pay $79 is worthy if you get back your stuff which costs much more than that.

thank you friends on additional

This looks much more user friendly than the traditional locks that you find on suitcases. I always worry about leaving my things unlocked, but then I also worry about forgetting the combination for the traditional lock. This looks like it has the added bonus of GPS. Good hunt

The lock is very useful when travelling. It can protect your luggage and prevent thieves. It can also connect to your phone and make the lock smarter than before. Good Hunt!

This is a brilliant hunt.. perfect for travellers and at 79 dollars, this does look quite useful.

Pros -

  1. Smart lock, connected to phone
  2. In built alarm
  3. Bluetooth connectivity
  4. Price

Cons - none

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