Lens Distortion - very high quality photo edit apps

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Lens Distortion

very high quality photo edit apps


Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 2.12.42 PM.png

Hunter's comment

Len Distortion is a relative new app which first release in end 2017 / early 2018 and getting more traction lately with the features it could provide. It is a high quality photo edit apps that now you don't need to use photoshop for some quick fix.

It also offers some high quality feature that help you edit your photo in just few clicks.

I strongly recommend this app because:

  • Ease of use. You don't need to know how to use photoshop to edit your picture, the platform give you multiple tools that you can preview and you can make your picture looks a lot better in just few clicks.

  • The apps collaborate with top company's like ESPN / Netflix / HBO - so you could expect they would keep improving their apps in the future.

  • A high quality filter (e.g. rain / luminary etc) to give your photo an extra touch.

IMAGE 2018-06-17 14:21:10.jpgIMAGE 2018-06-17 14:21:15.jpg

  • Adjust the colours and opacity with great range

)IMAGE 2018-06-17 14:21:18.jpg

Hope you would enjoy the apps




Hunter: @wilkinshui


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Currently, Im using this lens distortion app and it’s amazing app.

  • You can utilize the free effects to enhance your photos
  • Perfect editing app for mobile photography
  • Simple interface and easy to use


  • You need to purchase in order to enjoy all the feature effects for this application
  • No negative comment

thanks for the feedback :)

This is one good photo editing apps @wilkinshui. Please have time to check my personal review.

Pros :

  • They do have darker user interface which i think is a good blending to your edited photos, you can easily check for some improvements.
  • There are some built-in effects that makes it a more presentable photos adding some natural sunlight or any weather effects.
  • It has also a gallery section which you can easily compare each photos and you may adjust them according to your preference
  • Most of those effects really makes your photo a high quality one.

Cons :

  • It does need some high-end smartphones to be able to use the application without any problem.
  • Still this application is still unstable for it is still on development progress
  • To be able to obtain high quality effects, you should purchase some of it via application

thanks for the feedback :)

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many thanks for the verification :)

The following text below is my opinion about Lens distortion. I'll try to explain what I like or dislike at this app.


  • the app itself doesn't require that many resources, it works well even on older devices
  • it's better then most of the other editing programs, and better then the mobile version of Photoshop
  • numerous high quality filters
  • over 100k downloads on a unreleased version, this means people like the app and are using it


  • nothing the app is amazing, can't wait to see it fully released

thanks for your feedback :)

Always good to have alternative app like these.

  • Focus on lightings which is what seems to lack on other similar apps
  • Looks like an easy to use interface. Although snapseed is more powerful, but sometimes too much functions are putting regular users off
  • Too many photo edit apps out there already


  • As what I can see, it looks great quality editor
  • Able to enhance your photo by beautifying it using various features
  • Seems like a good filter, I'll try to use this and see how it goes :)
  • Provides 5 filters for free where you can test and justify the outcome of the editor
  • Reasonable price


  • A lot of competitors when it comes to editing photo.

I'm gonna try this application for future editing.

It does not need any other supporting apps to edit pictures because it already has a lot of features.

It's finish product is already an HD quality, easy to use and can save a lot of time.

Great hunting. No cons for me.

yup, definitely a great app for quick quality photo editor.

Thanks for sharing.😊

Nice hunting results :) @wilkinshui, you can see the results of my hunt @ahyar92

like your camera :)

・ It's easy to apply effects on pictures, even you are not an artist or photographer.
・ A lot of effects available
・ The quality looks artistic
Not for now because It's not available on APP store or Play store.

thanks cat cat

Already looking for it while reading this post, I could do with high quality editing and filtration.
Nice Hunt @wilkinsui !

same here :)

This does sounds appealing. I have a genuine hatred for photoshop and am always on the hunt for a decent editting app

hope you'd like it

Another great hunt
published on many press
lots of features
stunning design
pleasant user experience
No cons as it is helpful

thanks for your feedback

This one is perfect for me. Thanks @wilkinshui you got my attention

many thanks!

I think the most important thing is ease of us. Because most of the people doesn't know how to use Photoshop or sort of programs like Photoshop.

exactly the reason i like the app

I am definitely going to try out this App. You can never have too many photo edit Apps. No need to repeated on the Pro's , you covered it well.
No Con's yet.
Great Hunt!

many thanks :)

Wow, it looks cool.


  • easy to use, don't need to how
    to use photoshop
  • provides powerful and mutiful tools that makes your photo better
  • can utilize the free effects to enhance your photos


  • none for this hunt

Thanks your hunt.

thanks for your feedback.


This was a good hunt for ordinary people who doesn't know how to use photoshop on their pc and other editing software. Those people might use this app for an easy editing. I haven't used this app but I think it is user friendly application. awesome !

truly awesome app :)

This apps is cool. Good hunt there, will go take a look for sure.

hope you'd love it :)


  • many different effects can be chosen
  • user-friendly especially for photo editing beginner


  • need to pay for the in-app items

thanks for your feedback.


  • user - friendly
  • You don't need to know how to use photoshop to edit your picture
  • The apps collaborate with top company's like ESPN / Netflix / HBO. It will probably increase capabilities


  • none for this hunt

thanks for your comment :)

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Been using Photoshop for designing work and Canva for social media posting and banner work, will definitely try this new App Lens Distortion for generating quick high quality photo edits, any App which commands ease of use and saving time is welcome.
Thanks for hunting this new app and sharing.

many thanks :)


  • The interface is user-friendly and easy to use
  • Many filters
  • Useful for real life
  • The price is not expensive
  • It had a very cool design


  • There had been many similar products already


  • Many people looking forward for something like this
  • Innovative idea that will change a lot
  • Awesome design / usability


  • Nah


  • The application provides tons of filters and effects to beauty up your photos
  • It is easy to use because of the clean and simple interface


  • Nothing to complain about

this app seems pretty good, I am using photoshop for my editing works. This app seems to have many tools which we can use and customize on the go... Best editing and effect software. I think. Have a nice day.

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