Tricount - A app to record bills detail with your friends

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A app to record bills detail with your friends


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Tricount is an app where you can record the bills and split bills with your friends.

I recommend this app because:

  • It provides a platform where you can manage different types of bills and split with your friend (e.g. you go travel with a friend where you have to pay first and you don't need to record by paper or anymeans)
  • You can choose any currencies you want
  • There is no need to open an account. Each project would produce a link where everyone could edit and provide audit trail
  • There is different way to split the bill e.g. (only A and D need to pay for the bill so the app will calculate for you)

I hope you would enjoy the app :)

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Hunter: @wilkinshui

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  • It is good to maintain friendship
  • Also can use for couples
  • It support a lot of currencies


  • None for this hunt

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many thanks. link has been updated to US play store. many thanks.

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Nice hunt !
Here are my thoughts on this
Pros :

  • You can manage bills that needs to split among your friends
  • The app has an easy to interface
  • Various currencies are available

Cons :

Nice Hunt!


  • great app to have all your shared bills at one place (I live in a flat with two flatmates and believe me I know the struggle)
  • just pick who has to pay and the app will do the rest
  • supported by both Android and iOS


  • none for this app

Pros and Cons
-Easy bill splitting apps

-Multiple apps existing in the market provided by banks
-Why not use crypto lol

A very useful app!

This definitely a cool app, seeing that am able to slip bills is cool. No head cracking

Here's my review for this hunt:

Pros :

  • It's a great way to manage expenses and settle debts with friends
    -can be used as a solution when you are sharing bills on a trip, food, parties with friends and family
    -you can get the application through iPhone and Android devices

Cons :

No cons I can think of. It's useful to avoid conflict in terms of money matters.


  • You can use it even offline.
  • It helps you to manage sharing of bills with your friends, classmates or any group of people trying to purchase something as a group
  • It is easy to use. It offers a lot of features


  • Nothing for this hunt, it is difficult to find cons in a app that offers almost perfect services


GREAT APP @wilkinshui

This is my opinion of Tricount


  • Money does not know friends, friends are friends but the debt remains to be paid.
  • APP is important in my opinion especially when dealing with bills, because this app is very easy for us in recording new bills or already paid without the hassle of removing paper and pens.
  • Very good idea.


  • No cons for this great APP.

Here's the value I gave for your app

Perfect Hunt @wilkinshui

Note: This is just ”My Personal Opinion & Assessment”, not intended to “Judge” the reviews you have made.

Tricount has an interesting idea because it's a mobile record to record, debts, loans, dependents, or calculations on our financial management.

It's like a personal note, and it's cool, there's a backup feature to the cloud or to other media so the notes we've already made are not lost.

It's free, but there are ads and some purchases.

Overall, this is best because it is very useful for our management.

Ads have always been an ugly specter.


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  • A great app to have social interaction with others
  • Can help you save your bills , enjoy and explore further
  • Convenient for outdoor individuals who are travelers and adventurers
  • The app seems promising


  • I wish it will also be available in Android
  • The ads is annoying

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