SmartClean - Eyewear Ultrasonic Cleaner For Home-use and Traveling

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Eyewear Ultrasonic Cleaner For Home-use And Traveling



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Hunter's comment

The SmartClean is perfect for cleaning dirt and stains off your eyeglasses. It uses ultrasonic vibrations to agitate the water, allowing it to gently and efficiently clean any dirt, dust, grime, oil, smudges you may have on your eyeglasses. Probably a dozen times More effective than wiping your eyeglasses with a cloth.

In addition, it also can be used to washing rings, jewelry, dentures, etc. So it is more functional and convenient.

Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to bring with you, so it is convenient to use at home and during traveling.

Special Features:

  • Great for cleaning eyeglasses dirt and stains
  • Just use tap water only
  • Small and light, easy to bring with you
  • Functional and convenient.
  • More effective, use suitable ultrasonic frequency for eyeglasses
  • Five styles are available



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• very useful for cleaning garbage or dirt
• simple way of usage
•very effective

• I have not found flaws

Pros :

  • It is really good for your eye wear where you will clearly see where it does eliminates those makes the lens of your eye wear blurry.
  • Even the tiny dust or sticky germs are easily be removed with its ultrasonic cleaning features.
  • It has a powerful frequency and also you can easily customize and adjust the cleaning process with the use of its built-in timer.
  • It has also feature will it will keep you remind about overheat.

Cons :

  • This is not limited to eye wear but also applicable to jewelry


  • Simple and elegant design.
  • Generate bubbles by producing 45 KHz ultrasonic waves to clean harmful bacteria & dirty materials.
  • Fast cleaning time.
  • Auto switch off.
  • Affordable price.


  • Found no disadvantage.

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  • I seldom clean my glasses because it is quite troblesome and i think this can help me
  • very useful tool and i can also bring it to travel


  • none for this hunt

Nice Hunt!


  • great and fast way do clean a huge variety of different objects
  • fair price of only about $90 USD
  • the only additional resource it needs is plain tap water


  • plug adapter needed since they only offer Hong Kong and China plugs


This is my opinion about your hunt


  • Hygiene is a fun thing, regardless of what is primarily glasses. SmartClean can Clean the lens glasses gently and efficiently, even a dozen times more effectively than wiping glasses with a cloth. Wait let alone, this is a really cool product, great product recommendation.


  • None

The value I give to your hunt

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  • Maximum cleaning with ultrasonic that is supplied with water medium.
  • Your glasses will always be new, clean, and clear.
  • Maximum treatment and can be used in the long term.
  • There's nothing more I can say because this product is PERFECT.


  • Nothing. HK $ 699.00 is not so expensive when the innovation is really good.

My Thought:

WOW! the first time I saw the website, it turns out this innovation is really capable of generating extraordinary funding. 1000% of indiegogo show that innovation is really new and gain interest from investors.

Note: This is just "My Personal Opinion & Assessment", not intended to "Judge" the reviews you have made.

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The app is a very good app that is easy to download and install

You can use the app offline which means that without internet connection you can still use it

The app interface is easy to understand and navigate through

Very useful app with a lovely design

The app can be used anywhere in the world


None for now

Great hunt!

The lines of text below contain my opinion about this product. I'll write down the things I like or dislike about it.


  • small and easy to carry around
  • it can be used to clean jewelry too besides glasses
  • cheap price, HK$ 688 equals about 88$ USD
  • comes in different colors


  • nothing

No more smeary glasses - FINALLY!

Pros :

  • its main function is to remove dirt and clean your eyeglasses efficiently
  • safe to apply, it only requires tap water
    -very handy, you can bring it anywhere
    -gentle to use

Cons :

  • None for this hunt.

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