How Steem Impacted My Life.

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Video at the end of the post

How has steem impacted my life?

In this video I give the details of how the steem blockchain impacted my life in a freestyle vlog.

Note: I wanted to post this video on 3speak but I could not get it to upload. Maybe the video was too long? Let me know what is up with that.

In the video I talk about:

  • How I got started on Steem
  • How steem got me out of speculation and into the use case of the technology. I really think most are stuck in speculation mode hence the never the extended bear market.
  • The 100 Day Poetry Challenge by @d-pend and how it challenged me to be creative and led me to create a song that I never knew I could make ( A love song:). The poetry challenge helped me to write with more imagery, passion and it helped my music tremendously. I also met some wonderful individuals from all over the world and was able to understand life in various countries especially the hardships in Venezuela.

Here is one of the poems I wrote that really impressed me LOL. It is called abstract minds.

A song that I feel was birthed because of the 100 day challenge.

  • How vlogging became second nature to me thanks to @dtube. I made some pretty good vlogs and I am getting back in the groove for 2020. Below is a vlog I did at a Jamaica festival held in Tokyo 2019. Through vlogging I met so many wonderful people on the blockchain ( I hate tagging as I know I will leave out someone.) I definitely upped my camera and editing skills by watching and learning from individuals on this platform and the genuine interaction cannot be matched.
  • How I became the co-founder of a steem tribe, @reggaesteem and we are now on a mission to bring adoption of the steem blockchain to the Caribbean via @reggaesteem and the JAHM Token. Our ambitious initiative towards this adoption in the Caribbean is JAHMFest, a blockchain and business conference which will be held in June 2020. For more details on the objectives of JAHMFEST see this post. We also have an on-boarding initiative going on where we give referrers 10,000 JAHM delegation which they can share with the referees as they see fit. The referees also get 50 Steem delegation so they have enough power on the platform. ( Our focus is on-boarding individuals from or related to the Caribbean in some way.)
    In the video I elaborate on the above as well as more. It is a long video, but you know steem, the conversation is endless.
  • How Steem Impacted My Life Video ( Warning Very LONG)

    How has Steem impacted your life?

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    Bro! I’m 5 mins in and when you were talking about the poetry challenge, and said “..steem challenged me to be creative..” ...
    Mate, I felt that so hard I had to pause and message you! Probably the best description of what I felt when I first started on here and was experimenting with different types of content.
    Love the freestyle approach too! From the heart man love it!
    Anyway, I gotta get back to your video!
    Love it man! Its got me so hyped!

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    Hey thanks man! And to imagine I was iffy about posting this video. The other thing is we have so much fear towards showing our own creations at times but steem gives us this platform with people who are encouraging you to stay the path and keep creating. ( the challenges, the contests, the initiatives.)

    Really appreciate your comment, if you really watch the entire video man I would feel like I owe you a prize LOL.

    Happy someone else from the community decided to take part in this amazing initiative. It would be so cool if we could get @theycallmedan, @acidyo, @mindtrap or someone else from @ocbd to JAHMFEST. The very least is they could show love to someone willing to go and represent the best of Steem curation.

    Glad you're one of the people who reads the ReggaeSteem Discord post-promotion and decided to take part in this. What's good for Steem is food for ReggaeSteem.

    Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

    Yeah man, I had to take the time to do this. We are all Steem and in June at JAHM fest what we really are representing is Steem but in my view because we are a tribe we can target a particular audience instead of throwing a net at everyone to join steem. All I know is the Caribbean is ripe for the adoption of the technology, I know the people on steem will begin to see the benefits of JAHMFEST and ReggaeSteem for the entire blockchain they just need to understand what we are doing more so they can trust it is in the best interest of the whole.

    Right on brotha! The poetry and music connection allowed for your personal lens to alter from varying perspectives you encountered on the BLOCK. That’s cool stuff. Steem has challenged me as well and has allowed for my creative nature to spark newer interests - things that I never thought I’d otherwise delve into. I’m glad we’ve crossed paths and hopefully one day we can truly cross paths in life. It’s one thing on the internet, but would be a whole other in-person.

    Nothing but respect,

    Yeah man and there was another phase I forgot, writing about crypto projects like this. Won so many prizes back then. I think I also started the "border lines graphics" to separate different parts of posts and then everyone started doing ( Can't tell them that though LOL) .

    Most definitely glad we cross paths, nothing is be coincidence in this life I believe. See you in June bro.

    Steem On mi boss!

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    very cool post :D blessings

    I miss your vlog and great to see you on 3speak platform. You do great work on steemit!👊 Sugoi!😋

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